Is ‘Get Out’ on Netflix?

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Get Out has been one of the most hard-hitting and influential horror movies in recent memory. A year later, you may be wondering if the movie is available on Netflix for Halloween 2018. Here’s a look at whether Get Out is on Netflix and if not where you can stream it. 

The movie is directed by Jordan Peele who is mostly known for his comedy, but he branched out into horror for this movie. It was wildly successful. Get Out stars Daniel Kaluuya who you’ll recognise from the first season of Black Mirror. He plays a new boyfriend who notices there’s something extremely wrong with his girlfriend’s parent’s town.

The movie scored both well with critics and fans and went on to win an Oscar. There’s no doubt that people will want to be watching this movie over Halloween 2018.

Is Get Out on Netflix US?

Sadly, Get Out has yet to arrive on Netflix in the United States. If you have the DVD subscription plan, you’ll be able to pick the movie up. But beware, the popularity of the movie will likely spike around Halloween.

This year, the license has been acquired by Cinemax and therefore is only available on the Cinemax channel plus their streaming service called Max in 2018. Of course, movie licenses swap hands all the time so we could see it arrive on Netflix in the US eventually, just not in 2018.

Other Regions Where The Movie Is Available

The United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia aren’t streaming Get Out this year either meaning you’ll have to look at alternative sources.

For those in the UK, NowTV and Sky currently hold the license.

Canadians will have to have a cable subscription to watch the movie and Australians can find the movie on Foxtel Now.

Get Out Is Only Streaming on Netflix in One Region

According to Unogs, the only Netflix region lucky enough to have Get Out in 2018 is Russia.

Are you sad that Get Out isn’t available on Netflix? Let us know in the comments if you’d like to see it added in the future.

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