Is ‘Jingle All the Way’ Streaming on Netflix?

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‘It’s turbo time!”. Jingle All the Way is an underappreciated Christmas classic from the mid-’90s. The Christmas-comedy classic is a must watch during this holiday season. There’s only one problem, is Jingle All the Way available to stream on Netflix this Christmas!?

Family-Comedy Jingle All the Way first debuted back in November 1996. Director of Home Alone Chris Columbus helped produce the film. Using the same production studio, the film was made by production studio 1492 Pictures. Starring larger than life action-star Arnold Schwarzenegger and stand up-comedian Sinbad, the film is a satirical take on the commercialization of Christmas.

Howard Langston is a workaholic mattress salesman that often neglects his family. While he is a loving father he always lets work get in the way of his family. After missing his son Jamie’s Karate graduation class, Howard wants to make up for it in the best way possible for Christmas. To redeem himself Howard endeavors to buy Jamie the most popular toy of the year, a Turbo-Man action figure. Howard takes on rival father Myron Larabee to buy a Turbo-Man doll for his son on a busy Christmas Eve.

Is Jingle All the Way available on Netflix US?

Unfortunately Jingle All the Way is unavailable on Netflix US. Not only is it not on Netflix it’s pretty hard to find anywhere to stream it legally as well. You can rent and buy from YouTube, Google Play and Amazon Prime.

What about other regions?

Fans in the UK will also be disappointed to hear that the film is also not on Netflix UK. The film is also unavailable on NowTV or Sky Go at the time of writing this article.

For Australian subscribers, you can stream Jingle All the Way right now! Netflix Canada isn’t streaming the film either. The remaining regions streaming Jingle All the Way are France, Italy, Portugal, and Spain.

Would you like to see Jingle All the Way streaming in your region? Let us know in the comments below!

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