Is ‘Knives Out’ Coming to Netflix?

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Knives Out – Picture: Lionsgate

Rian Johnson’s next big movie after his entry in the Star Wars universe is here and it’s been met with positive reviews but will Knives Out be coming to Netflix around the world? Let’s dive in.

Knives Out features an ensemble cast that’s written and directed by Rian Johnson. Among the cast members are Chris Evans, Ana de Armas, Daniel Craig, Michael Shannon, Toni Collette, Michael Shannon, and Katherine Langford.

The murder mystery comedy-drama sees a detective investigate the death of a member of an eccentric family.

Will Knives Out be on Netflix in the US?

Knives Out will likely first head to Epix who currently has the overall output deal with Lionsgate. Netflix did hold the Lionsgate output deal but that was way back

Going forward, all Lionsgate movies over the next two years are scheduled to release on Hulu and FX. As we reported on, the new deal doesn’t mean a lot for Netflix but it’s worth noting Lionsgate still provides Netflix with some Original titles.

Will Knives Out be on Netflix UK?

Netflix UK would usually get new Lionsgate movies but sadly, a new deal struck this month means that all future Lionsgate movies, including Knives Out, are headed for Amazon Prime instead.

Sadly, that’s the only regions we currently know Lionsgate’s output deals at the moment.

Regions such as Australia, Italy, Japan, and mainland Europe may receive the movie assuming Netflix still has a contract in place at some point during 2020.

Rian Johnson’s Star Wars entry still sits on Netflix but is currently scheduled to be leaving the service in December 2019.

Do you want to see Knives Out come to Netflix, let us know in the comments.

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