Are Seasons 1-3 of “Star” on Netflix?

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Netflix Canada will once again be getting weekly episodes of the Fox series Star from September 27th onwards. Canada remains the only region to stream episodes of Fox’s Star as it remains elsewhere for every other Netflix region. Here’s a look at why the show isn’t on Netflix and when new episodes arrive on Netflix CA.

The series comes from Lee Daniels and follows two half-sisters and a young songwriter who come together to chase dreams in Atlanta of becoming musicians and celebrities in their own right. The series features original music produced by top musicians.

Here’s a look at whether seasons 1 through 3 of Star is available on Netflix.

Netflix Canada Gets Weekly Episodes of Star

The highly rated series airs first on Fox in America before arriving on Netflix the following day on Netflix Canada. This is not uncommon as plenty of series from the US and elsewhere often drops weekly episodes. It’s a trend we’ve noticed around the world, where different regions pick up shows from others.  Both seasons 1 and 2 got weekly episodes of the series and that’s continuing for season 3.

When do new episodes of Star season 3 come to Netflix?

New episodes of Star are aired on Fox on Wednesdays and added to Netflix Canada on Thursdays.

Is Fox’s Star on Netflix elsewhere?

What about other Netflix regions?

Sadly, no other regions are included in this deal. The easiest to explain why is the United States so we’ll start there.

The US doesn’t get Star and definitely won’t be getting it after Fox and Netflix parted ways in 2017. This means the removal of all of their shows last year. Instead, you’ll find the show streaming exclusively on Hulu should you not have access to the Fox catchup website and application.

For those in the United Kingdom, the series remains away from any streaming service. Instead, you’ll have to catch it on the channel 5Star which also has a catchup service call My5 but be aware, it’s ad-supported.

For Australians, you can only catch up with new episodes of Star on ELEVEN.

There you have it. Star is on Netflix but only for lucky Canadians. Do you wish it was streaming in your region? Let us know in the comments down below.


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