Is ‘The Holiday’ Streaming on Netflix?

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The Holiday – Copyright Universal Pictures and Columbia Pictures

Let this sink in for a second, The Holiday is now 12 years old! What were you doing back in 2006? That’s not important right now, but what is of the most importance is whether or not The Holiday is available to stream on Netflix! Let’s find out.

The Holiday is a romantic comedy, that was written, produced and directed by Nancy Meyers. On a budget of £85 Million, the film was able to reap in a reward of $205.1 Million at the box office. While the film isn’t considered a Christmas classic, it is a fantastic romantic comedy nevertheless.

Struggling to get over her former partner, the down and out Iris agrees to swap her English village home with Californian Amanda, who is also unlucky in love. Agreeing to swap their homes the unlucky in love pair make their way across the pond. Soon after arriving the ladies soon find themselves swept off their feet by local gentlemen Graham and Miles.

Is The Holiday on Netflix US?

Sadly The Holiday isn’t on Netflix US and isn’t available on any other streaming service unless you buy or rent.

What about other regions?

Surprisingly only 3 regions are streaming The Holiday at the moment to which they are Canada, Italy, and Switzerland. Fans in the UK you’ll also have to purchase or rent, as NOW TV isn’t streaming the film either.

Would you like to see The Holiday streaming in your region? Let us know in the comments below!

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