‘L.A.’s Finest’ Season 1 Coming to Netflix in January 2021

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L.A.’s Finest – Picture: Spectrum / Sony Pictures Television

One of the first licensed pickups Netflix has made for 2021 is the first season of Spectrum Original’s L.A’s Finest which arrives on Netflix US in early January 2021. Here’s what you need to know about the series before diving in. 

Produced by Sony Pictures Television, the series is a spin-off of the Bad Boys movie franchise starring Will Smith and Martin Lawrence.

L.A.’s Finest features Jessica Alba and Gabrielle Union and follows two cops from the Los Angeles Police Department. The connection to the movies is that Gabrielle Union’s character, Syd, is the sister of Marcus Burnett. Syd is a former DEA agent who teams up with a new partner.

The series fills a big genre gap that Netflix has yet to fill, police crime procedurals. Netflix has had attempts with its own Original lineup (The Good Cop being the biggest attempt thus far but failed to get renewed beyond season one) but nothing that really allows Netflix to compete with the likes of CBS and NBC.

Season one consists of 13 episodes and aired on Spectrum Originals between May and June 2019. A second season (not part of what’s coming to Netflix in January) aired in September 2020. Beyond airing on Spectrum Originals, the series later had a run on Fox too.

All 13 episodes of season one are set to come to Netflix on January 5th, 2021. Only Netflix US has announced to be the recipients of the series thus far.

Spectrum Originals have been a mixed bag so far. L.A.’s Finest served as the first Original title for the network but has since gone onto produce a handful of titles including Curfew, E is for Eddie, and the second season of Man Hunt (which dropped on Netflix US in November and is lighting up the top 10s currently).

Some may now look to Netflix to possibly revive the show because, as you may know, Spectrum Originals made the decision in October 2020 to cancel the series shortly after the second had concluded airing. While it’s not impossible for Netflix to pick up L.A’s Finest for season three, it’s probably highly unlikely.

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