‘Motel Transylvania’ Sony Animation TV Series Coming to Netflix in 2025

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Motel Transylvania Sony Animation Tv Series Coming To Netflix In 2025

Sony Animation is working on an animated spin-off of its beloved Hotel Transylvania franchise with the aptly named Motel Transylvania. Coming to Netflix sometime in 2025, here’s everything we know about the animated spin-off.

Motel Transylvania is an upcoming Netflix Original animated comedy series from Sony Pictures Animation. It is a spin-off of Hotel Transylvania. Currently, we have no word on who is directing or writing the series, but we expect to learn more soon.

What is the plot of Motel Transylvania?

Taking a break from their gothic and shady Transylvania home, Dracula and Mavis set their sights on a brand new resort for humans and monsters… in the heart of the Californian desert!

Who is in the cast of Motel Transylvania?

At the time of writing, none of the cast members have been confirmed for the upcoming series.

This means it remains unclear if any of the movie cast will return to reprise their roles. The last TV spin-off saw none of the main or supporting cast reprise their roles and the characters of Dracula and Mavis were voiced by Ivan Sherry, and Bryn McAuley, respectively.

When is Motel Transylvania coming to Netflix?

So far, all we know about Motel Transylvania’s release is that it will be on Netflix sometime in 2025.

We have a teaser trailer for the series below.

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