My Next Guest Needs No Introduction Recap: George Clooney

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In the latest episode of David Letterman’s new Netflix show My Next Guest Needs No Introduction, George Clooney opens up about marriage, activism, and much more.

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David Letterman’s new Netflix show is thoroughly enjoyable. A long-form interview both inside and outside the studio setting, Letterman puts his invaluable dialogue skills to work. Deadpan and with a dry wit, he relates to them on such a personal level. It isn’t so much an interview as it is a conversation. And that’s a pleasure to watch.

In the latest installment of his monthly show, Letterman talks at length with George Clooney. The episode begins with the two hanging out by the airport enjoying In-N-Out fare. Letterman asks Clooney why he’s doing the show to which Clooney responds “I’ve had twins and I’ll take any excuse I can to get out of the house.” The interview is off to an amusing start.

George Clooney is from Kentucky. David Letterman is from Indiana. Separated only by the Ohio River, the two men begin discussing their similarities, especially how handsome they are.

Clooney was born in Lexington, Kentucky. The son of a broadcaster and former Miss Kentucky, he went to five different grade schools as the family moved around the Midwest. “We moved when the rent was due,” Clooney joked. They delve into how Clooney began the business: his father used to interview him when he was a child as characters for different holidays.

Aspiring to be a baseball player but realizing he was never going to make the big leagues, he begins to tell a story about his aunt Rosemary Clooney. He would drive her and her friends to gigs and back home again. This leads to his start in the business. His cousin, actor Miguel Ferrer, and Miguel’s father, actor John Ferrer, gave Clooney an extra part on a horse-racing movie in Kentucky and Miguel suggested Clooney move to Hollywood.

Letterman doesn’t concentrate so much on Clooney’s acting career. He touches on the subject and mentions parts, remembering a story he read about Steven Speilberg giving Clooney advice on how to be a movie star on the set of ER, but he really focuses more on Clooney’s activism and private life.

[The interview cuts to the home of George Clooney’s parents. As Letterman looks at pictures with Clooney’s father, you begin to identify where George gets that arid wit and good looks from.]

Clooney’s activism roots can be traced to his parents. Each year they would pick a letter from the many his famous father received and give gifts to the family of the letter writer. Before they could open their presents on Christmas morning, they would travel to that home to help the family. Throw in some Catholic guilt and you have the man we see today.

Now we’re moving on to the really endearing and juicy bits: Clooney’s marriage and life as a father. He details how he met his future wife and how he would write letters to her in the voice of his dog, Einstein. It’s pretty adorable.

Clooney speaks about his wife’s work as a lawyer, his life as a father, and his interest in the refugee crisis.

The Clooneys have sponsored Yazidi refugee Hazim Avdal, currently a student at the University of Chicago, after his village was pillaged by ISIS.

Speaking about his interest in human rights, Clooney details how they went after those imposing genocide and profiting from war.

Winding down, Clooney and Letterman discuss the goodness of people and the need to help others.

“I think people are basically good and I believe they do what they can. I hit the jackpot…so [I] should spread the luck around.” – George Clooney


Join us next month. Dave’s next guest will be Malala Yousafzai and you can get all your recap info here. What do you think of Letterman’s new show? Let us know in the comments.

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