Netflix Original Cuckoo Confirmed for Seasons 4 and 5

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Cuckoo was a surprise when it was first announced it would be joining the Netflix Original program in the US. The imported show from the UK has been met with great results partly because it manages to unite both the UK and US with its story. With that, I’m happy to report that not one, but two more seasons of the show has been confirmed and while they’ll probably not arrive in as quick succession as the first three seasons of the show have, we’ll have a rough timeline as to when you can expect them streaming below.

For those who haven’t caught up with the show or even gave it a try just yet, can I be the first to recommend it. The show puts an American in the home of a Brit who is a bit stuck in the mud. Drama and chaos ensues. It’s a fun show that doesn’t take itself too serious and is very approachable for all fans of comedy and its rating on Netflix confirms this.

It’s life on Netflix begun in March 2016 when two seasons were added to Netflix in March. The first season introduced us to Andy Sandberg and for scheduling reasons, he was replaced with Taylor Lautner for season 2. Season 3 in March was coming to an end in March leading us to believe we’d have a long year to wait for another season but it turns we’d have to wait just weeks for season 3 to be added on Netflix.

As Chortle reports, the show has been renewed for another two seasons by the BBC and naturally as part of the new deal with Netflix, it’ll be returning.

Given the timing roughly matching the time that season 3 wrapped up, we suspect we’ll be getting a new season within the next year and given the show is a Netflix Original you can expect it to be streaming on Netflix just a few weeks afterwards. To put a rough time guide in place, let’s say that BBC airs season 4 of Cuckoo in March 2017, we suspect you’ll be getting it on Netflix by April 2017. In the same fashion, season 5 will come in March 2018 and then come to Netflix a month after that. That’s obviously a very rough guide but isn’t going to be too far away from what actually happens.

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