Netflix Picks Up ‘You Me Her’ Season 1 & 2 in Some Regions

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Netflix has picked up a brand-new romantic series just in time for Valentine’s Day in regions such as the United Kingdom and Australia. The series comes from a lesser-known US network called Audience Network which typically produces great dramas including the likes of Friday Night Lights and Damages.

All ten episodes of the first season dropped on Netflix in the UK and Australia on Friday 10th, 2017. The series stars Gregg Poehler, Rachel Blanchard and Priscilla Faia and is about a love triangle that forms after a couple hires an escort to spice up their love life. It takes a series of twists and turns and is fairly unique among the other Netflix Originals so ultimately a welcome addition.

When will Season 2 of You Me Her come to Netflix?

For those wondering whether we’re getting future series, you have nothing to worry about as the network has renewed the series for both season 2 and 3.

The first season aired back in March 2016 but wasn’t even announced as a Netflix Original until we simply saw it drop on Netflix. The good news is that we’re not far off from season 2 of You Me Her airs in the US and then inevitably comes to Netflix. We don’t think we’ll have to wait until February 2018 but we haven’t heard about weekly episodes.

Season 2 begins airing in the US on February 14th (Valentines Day) and will then proceed to release 10 episodes, the same amount of episodes as season 1. We can expect that season to be added soon after which means we could see it as early as April/May 2017.

Will You Me Her come to Netflix USA or Canada?

As we mentioned above, Audience Network is the network that produces the show. New episodes air there first. This is the first deal of this kind between Netflix and Audience Network so we can’t draw on past experiences when it comes to figuring out whether it’ll come to the USA or not. With season 2 due in just a few months, it’s very likely that season 1 will come to Netflix especially as it hasn’t been picked up by any other streaming network that we know of.

Canada doesn’t have much of a chance as HBO has picked up the show there and anyone with knowledge of HBO and Netflix knows that the two don’t mix.

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