Netflix Top 10 Report: Irish Wish, Turning Point, Young Royals, Iron Reign & Bandidos

Your weekly rundown of the biggest stories from Netflix’s top 10 hourly figures drop for the week ending March 17th, 2024.

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Irish Wish, Iron Reign, Young Royals – Pictures: Netflix

It’s a strange week in the Netflix top 10s, with the streamer’s international slate carrying the top 10s this week alongside Damsel and The Gentlemen. Here’s a look at the big stories from the top 10s this week, where we’ll cover Avatar: The Last Airbender, Damsel, Irish Wish, Turning Point: The Bomb and the Cold War, Young Royals, Art of Love, and more!

Every Tuesday, Netflix updates its top 10 stats page with 40 new hourly figures of the top movies and shows of the past seven days.

Note: In this report of Netflix’s hours viewed from March 11th, 2024 to March 17th, 2024, we’ll use “Complete Viewings Equivalent,” or CVE, expressed in millions. That means we divide the hours viewed announced by Netflix by the runtime of films or series. It allows for better comparisons between films and series, but it’s not an audience metric. It is the minimum number of viewings if they were all complete from the first second to the last of the film or season.

1. Avatar: The Last Airbender and One Piece continue battling it out in their fourth week

Because we know those two fandoms are eager to know more about how Avatar is progressing compared to One Piece, here’s another update and as you can see, Avatar is losing altitude quicker than One Piece and the two trajectories should soon cross.

Avatar The Last Airbender Vs One Piece Viewership

2. Damsel is still flying high.

The action film Damsel, starring Millie Bobby Brown, did a great second week and added another 50M CVEs in its second week. So we might ask ourselves if Damsel is an All-time Top 10 material? As of today, number 10 is Extraction reached 135.7M CVEs after 91 days. But still, we don’t have any other numbers for Extraction, especially in its first two weeks. Instead, then, I compared Damsel‘s progression with Glass Onion, which is currently #9 in the all-time English films Top 10 with 136.3M CVEs after 91 days.

Damsel Week 2 Viewership On Netflix

As you can see, Damsel is lagging behind by 2.9M CVEs, which seems a lot after only 10 days. So I stand with our earlier prediction of 110-115M CVEs after 91 days, a bit short of the all-time Top 10.

3. Irish Wish is no miracle in the charts.

We’re still living in the era of Lohanaissance, and Irish Wish had all the right ingredients for success: a romantic comedy with Lindsay Lohan (whose Falling for Christmas was a huge hit) sprinkled with Irish magic just in time for Saint-Patrick’s Day. That had to be a winner, and in a sense, it was, but not as big as you might have expected as Irish Wish launched with 19.5M CVEs over its first three days, behind other romantic films such as He’s All That, Your Place or Mine or Purple Hearts. Still good, but not among the greatest. Sorry Lindsay.

Irish Wish First Three Days Performance On Netflix

4. Turning Point: The Bomb and the Cold War bombed.

The traditional Netflix docuseries of the week did not do wonders as audiences left Turning Point: The Bomb and the Cold War out in the cold last week, with only 2M CVEs over its first six days and the worst launch in our dataset for a new Netflix docuseries released on a Tuesday.

Turning Point Netflix Documentary Series Viewership

5. Young Royals has lost its kingdom.

The apparently hotly anticipated season 3 of Young Royals experimented with a peculiar release pattern, dropping all but the last episode of the series last Monday. This experiment makes it harder to compare with other launches, but if we look at the launch of season 2, we can see that the trajectory of viewership for season 3 is nowhere near what it was for season 2.

Young Royals Season 3 Vs Season 2 Viewership

6. Art of Love is stealing hearts.

Turkish romantic thriller “Art of love” did a great start with 7.7M CVEs over its first 4 days, the second best launch for an international Netflix romantic film, behind Danish film A Beautiful Life.

Art Of Love Viewership Netflix First Week

7. Murder Mubarak did an OK launch.

Over in India, Netflix released Murder Mubarak and it did an OK launch, with 3.1M CVEs, a solid B-tier launch for an Indian film, but not quite a resounding success either.

Murder Mubarak First Week Viewership On Netflix

8. Bandidos is macheting its way to a renewal (hopefully).

Mexican series Bandidos wanted to recapture a bit of that Outer Banks energy with its cast of young people searching for a Mayan treasure in the jungle. Its launch is nowhere near Outer Banks, but for a new Latin American series, it did a very decent launch, one that might spell “renewal,” just like Rebelde, The Marked Heart/Palpito, and Fake Profile.

Bandidos Netflix Viewership Week 1

Or it could just get lost in the limbo of Netflix’s possible quiet cancels like The Surrogacy and Pact of Silence.

9. Iron Reign is not so strong.

Spanish series Iron Reign did an average launch with 2.4M CVEs over its first three days

. That seems a bit low when we compare it to other new Spanish Netflix series but Netflix Spain renewal decisions have been quite over the place and not linked that much to viewership so it is hard to figure out if it will be renewed.

Iron Reign Netflix Viewership Week 1

That’s all for this week, feel free to let us know what you think in the comments below.