‘Prison Break’ Returning to Netflix in 2024 But Only In The US

All five seasons (including the special) are returning to Netflix US this Summer.

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Prison Break Returning To Netflix In 2024

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Another huge show from the 2000s is returning to Netflix US this year, with all 90 episodes of Prison Break returning after almost seven years. However, it won’t be everywhere, with only Netflix in the US confirmed to get the show. We’ll also touch on the viral Facebook posts that report that season 6 is coming to Netflix. 

In case you needed a reminder, Prison Break is the incredibly popular drama series created by Paul Scheuring. It was headlined by Dominic Purcell and Wentworth Miller and aired between 2005 and 2009, returning for season 5 in 2017.

When will Seasons 1-5 of Prison Break be back on Netflix US?

As unveiled in December 2023, Prison Break is one of fourteen shows that Netflix in the US is licensing from Disney and their various subsidiaries, in this case, 20th Century Television. It’s seeing the return of the likes of White Collar and Lost to the service, as well as new shows like The Resident, The Wonder Years, and Reba.

The show is set to return to Netflix close to seven years after initially leaving Netflix in the United States. All five seasons streamed on Netflix through much of the 2010s but eventually departed on October 2nd, 2017.

All five seasons of Prison Break will now return to Netflix US on July 29th, 2024. 

It’ll be available for 18 months, meaning it’ll depart at the earliest on January 29th, 2026. Netflix won’t have the exclusive streaming rights to the show, however. It’ll continue to stream on Hulu throughout these 18 months and likely beyond.

Will Prison Break be returning to Netflix Internationally?

Many fans of the show in international territories will know that you streamed the classic show for many years. Most, however, lost the show in January 2022, including regions like the UK, Australia, most of Europe, and Asian territories.

There’s no indication that these regions will stream the show again, with it currently being exclusive on Disney+ in most countries. Should that change, we’ll let you know.

Will Prison Break Season 6 be on Netflix?

If you’re on Facebook, you may have come across many viral posts in the past few years (but they’ve been springing up more often recently) promoting the fact that Prison Break season 6 is coming soon and is coming to Netflix.

This comes from the same network of Facebook pages that purport that there’s a Purple Hearts 2 coming soon (there isn’t) and a fourth 365 Days movie is on the way (there isn’t). We’ve included one of the posts from a page called The Netflix Community, published in mid-March 2024 and already racked up over 1,500 likes.

Prison Break Season 6 Facebook Post

Fake page posting about Prison Break season 6 coming to Netflix

While it’s true a new season is in development (some label it as a reboot while others list it as a spin-off), the series is not currently bound for Netflix. At the moment, we know that Elgin James is working on the reboot exclusively for Hulu, and while it won’t feature the old characters, it’ll be set in the same world. Hulu doesn’t exist outside of the US, but we suspect Disney+ would be the home that streams the show, not Netflix. Of course, that could change and Netflix buys the licensing rights but at the moment, it’s not the case.

That’s all we have for now – are you looking forward to Prison Break returning to Netflix? Let us know in the comments down below.

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