Real Rob Season 3: Will Netflix Cancel? Release Date Potential

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Netflix has produced a few sitcoms now based on comedians lives including Maria Bamford in Lady Dynamite and Aziz Ansari in Master of None. You may remember Real Rob premiering first back in 2015 but has since gone quiet. With season 2 now available, you may be looking for news on season 3.

Real Rob actually holds the accolades of being one of the worst rated shows currently on Netflix. That can sometimes play to the advantage of a show as just because they’re not popular with critics, fans may think otherwise. Reviews on Netflix for the show are mixed at best.

To recap, the series follows the exaggerated adventures of Rob Schneider and his life in show business. It also stars his wife and daughter but also employs the talent of Jamie Lissow to play the role of his assistant. The show marked the first time someone had starred, directed, written and financed a show.

With all series that follows the lives of comedians, there’s quite often a wait in between seasons. In the case of Real Rob, we had to wait just until two years until season 2 and should the series the series get renewed again, we’d expect a similar timeline if not longer. Especially given Rob’s involvement in most of Sandler movies he’s producing for Netflix, Real Rob may come second. That means that season 3 would likely release in late 2019.

Will the series get cancelled?

If the renewal status was based purely on reviews, the series would’ve been canned the first season. However, season 2 finished on a plot that clearly would carry over into a potential season 3. Rob Schneider just got a potentially life-changing role and a question mark hangs over Jamie’s continued involvement with the family.

Do you want to see Rob return for the third season of Real Rob? Let us know in the comments below.

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