Requiem Season 2: Netflix Renewal Status and Release Date

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Requiem Season 2 Netflix

BBC shows have been incredibly popular on Netflix over the past few years. Besides BritBox, Netflix has been one of the best places to stream British tv shows. One such show is Requiem that released in the Spring of 2018 with fans waiting on news on the renewal of season 2. Here’s what we know so far on the Netflix renewal and release of Requiem season 2.

Requiem is a British supernatural drama series created for the BBC and Netflix. The show was written by Kris Mrksa and Blake Ayshford but was directed by Mahalia Belo. Requiem debuted on British network BBC before it came to Netflix. Naturally, as a thriller, it left a lot of fans scratching their heads with its ending to which fans have called for a second season to explain the unanswered questions of the first season.

Ambitious and talented cellist Matilda Grey’s life is completely turned upside down after her mother commits suicide. After going through her deceased mother’s possessions, Matilda discovers newspaper clippings of a young girl that disappeared from a Welsh village from 20 years ago. Assisted by her friend Hal, the pair travel to the village to see if there is any connection between the death of her mother and the young girl’s disappearance. As Matilda delves deeper into her investigation it sets her down a path of self-discovery and a question of her own identity.

Requiem Season 2 Renewal Status

Official Renewal Status: Pending (Last Updated 01/22/2018)

Requiem is a TV Series that is produced by the BBC in the United Kingdom. Netflix does, in fact, have a say in the production of a second season considering Requiem is a part of the growing number of co-productions between Netflix and other worldwide partners. This may be confusing for some fans as the show outside of the UK has been listed as a Netflix Original. What this means is that Netflix has the international distribution rights to stream Requiem but production is handled by BBC and New Pictures.

Fans of the BBC will know that BBC shows aren’t always produced on a tight schedule. Such popular shows like Luther and Sherlock are infamous for the long breaks in between seasons. That is mainly down to the lead actors fulfilling contractual obligations to film studios. In this instance, the BBC produces a large amount of new content so some shows are pushed to the back of the queue before any further seasons.

Is there a demand for a second season of Requiem?

Being completely honest, it wasn’t evident online that there is a big demand for a second season. But there is a vocal minority online expressing their desire for a second season.

When will Season 2 of Requiem be on Netflix?

This entirely depends on when production would begin on a second season. Firstly the filming of the first season began in March 2017 and its release wasn’t until February of 2018. Secondly, all the episodes released on the BBC streaming service iPlayer on the same day the first episode aired on BBC 2. Finally, it wasn’t until March 2018 that Netflix received the full season, therefore, we can assume that at any time when filming begins it will take of least a year before it arrives on Netflix. We won’t be expecting a second season until least 2020 or 2021.

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