Season 1 Part 2 of Kuromukoro Coming to Netflix in October 2016

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Netflix has slipped onto the service rather sneakily the release date of the second half of season 1 of Kuromukoro. The second half of the series is expected to land on October 10th, 2016 with another 13 episodes. This date was announced quietly with Netflix adding the release date to the shows title page.

The first 13 episodes of Kuromukoro arrived on Netflix back in July 2016 with the first half of the episodes. Our resident anime expert said back in his review that it was “fun and entertaining to watch, and I’d recommend it to anyone who uses Netflix for its anime!”

Although promoted as a Netflix Original the shows origins begin in Japan with P.A.Works creating the series and distributing it first in Japan exclusively and then allowing Netflix the global rights (excluding Japan). In this case, giving it the label Netflix Original isn’t strictly true but given it’s mostly used as a marketing tool more than anything, most just let it slide.

The first series, although split on Netflix, wasn’t split up in Japan with the series premiering new episodes each week. It’s still not entirely sure why they have split them up like they have but episode 13 premiered on June 23rd, 2016 and episode 26 will likely conclude just a few days before it’s released onto Netflix.

The anime series is among the growing list of Netflix Original content and is among the best including the likes of The Seven Deadly Sins.

At this point, it’s not clear whether or not the series will ever surpass 26 episodes and if it does, we suspect it may be a few years until we see a season 2 for the show.

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