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Sense8 fans looking to see their favourite stars on screen once again need not wait long as nearly every member of the Wachowski Sci-Fi series is starring in and contributing to various television shows, films and theatre showcase around the world. Here’s what some of the most beloved cast members of Sense8 have been up to this year.

The Cluster

Starting off, we have Brian J. Smith who plays the ever so protective and proactive Chicago police officer Will Gorski. Fans can catch Brian in action in the Rafal Sokolowski film “22 Chaser.” Taking on the lead role, the thriller revolves around a Canadian driver who is forced to face a harrowing series of obstacles to ensure the safety of his already struggling family. The film also stars Aaron Ashmore and Raoul Trujillo and is a highly anticipated first feature film of Rafal Sokolowski, who is renowned for his award-winning short films.

Back in Mumbai, Tina Desai, best known as Kala Dandekar on Sense8 appeared on the acclaimed short film named Goodluck by Bollywood director Sujoy Ghosh of “Kahaani” fame. The short film in which she plays Jenny Saxena aired earlier this year on Indian cable network Star Plus and also featured Kunal Roy Kapoor in a lead role. The film directed and written by Ghosh delves into the price one is willing to pay to change one’s fortune. Inspired by the salesmen of his childhood, the director penned the short film to find out what a person would pay to buy good luck instead of products and merchandise. Tina also lends her voice to the Thomas and Friends television series as the ever-cheerful character Ashima.

Miguel Ángel Silvestre, the only actor who plays an actor on Sense8 is filming La Boda De Mi Mejor Amigo and completed filming for TV short film Asesinato en el Hormiguero Express. Fans can also catch him on the recently concluded critically acclaimed Netflix series Narcos where he took on the role of Franklin Jurado, one of the show’s most compelling villains.

Riley Gunnasdottir actress Tuppence Middleton has also had a busy year starring in a short film named Stine and feature films Fisherman’s Friends (Alwyn) and Lie of You (Hannah). Tuppence is also set to appear in the upcoming Downtown Abbey movie while she recently concluded a theatre run with the Vicky Jones play “The One.” The intimate relationship drama also featured John Hopkins. The sadistic and staggeringly honest piece dives into the life of a bored couple and the twisted games that belie the stuff of modern romance.

Tuppence Middleton (Photo by Mike Marsland/WireImage)

Doona Bae, who every Sense8 fan simply refers to as Sun has also had a hectic year on the other side of the globe. She is set to star in a new Korean drama opposite her Sense8 love interest Sukku Son, who will also feature in the series about a divorced couple. Titled “The Best Divorce” the drama will air later this year. Doona will also feature in a French romantic comedy named I Am Here directed by Eric Lartigau. Alain Chabat of Valerian fame will play the romantic lead with Doona as his female counterpart in a story that chronicles the romance of a divorced French chef who falls for a mysterious Korean woman he befriends on social media.

Van Damme always comes back and Sense8 fans need not wait long to see Toby Onwumere on their screens once more. Toby not only earned a guest-starring role as Kai in the Fox hit Empire, which also stars Taraji. P. Henson and Terrence Howard but also landed the role of Bigby in the new comedic crime television series Olive Forever.

Jaime Clayton aka Nomi Marks made the headlines this year after adding her voice to the controversy surrounding the casting of Scarlett Johansson to play a trans role in the upcoming feature film Rub and Tug. Highlighting the issues faced by trans actors Jaime publically called out Hollywood to see past stereotypes and offer trans artists the same opportunities as cisgender talent. This “labels are the opposite of understanding” moment is not all that’s coloured, Miss. Claytons’ life in recent months as she is starring in a thriller named The Chain.  The David Martín Porras film features the Sense8 star in the role of Dr.Ryan.

Over in Berlin, German actor Max Riemelt has completed work in the film Kopfplatzen where he essays the role of Markus while he is currently filming the television film My Girlfriend’s Mother /Die Freundin Meiner Mutter where he departs from the darker roles he is renowned for portraying to take on the role of the male lead in a romantic comedy.

Side Kicks and Villains

Sense8’s Jonas, Naveen Andrews and Whispers actor Terence Man both appeared in Season 1 of new series Instinct where Mann was a guest star in the season finale. Freema Agyeman (Amanita) and Anupam Kher (Sanyam Dandekar) are part of NBC’s main cast for New Amsterdam which completed filming recently. The medical drama is set to premiere in late September this year. The stars who portray Lito’s surrogate family  Erendiritas Ibarra (Dani) and Alfonso Herrera (Hernando) both joined the cast of the Spanish period drama Sitiados while Bug actor Michael X. Sommers is performing two one-man plays dubbed Hick in the Hood and Heart in the Hood that he penned across cities in the USA. The multifaceted actor plays an impressive 30 characters in Hick in the Hood and 17 in Heart in the Hood which has been described by critics as “unforgettable” and “riveting.”

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