‘Skylanders Academy’ not returning for Season 4 at Netflix

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Skylanders Academy Season 4 Netlfix

Skylanders Academy Netflix

Skylanders Academy won’t be returning to Netflix for a fourth season. The series has now been confirmed to have ended after three seasons. 

The Netflix series aimed at kids was first released on Netflix back in 2016 to coincide with the games latest release called Skylanders: Imaginators. The TV series pulled in all of the established characters from the game series.

The characters featured include Malefor, Fire Viper, Bomb-shell, Wolfgang as well as more known characters such as Spyro and Crash Bandicoot.

Here’s how the previous seasons released on Netflix:

  • Season 1 dropped on Netflix in October 2016
  • Season 2 was added in October 2017
  • Season 3 was added in October 2018

The series comes from 41Entertainment who have distributed other Netflix shows including the ongoing Super Monsters, Tarzan and Jane, and Kong King of the Apes.

The logical conclusion would be that season 4 would be arriving in October 2019 but that’s no longer the case as the show has officially been canceled.

We spoke to Nancy Koff who serves as Vice President of Sales and Marketing who said that “There will not be a Skylanders Academy Season 4.”

Why did Skylanders Academy not get renewed for season 4?

We didn’t get an official reason why Skylanders wouldn’t be returning for season 4 but there are a number of reasons why we could attribute the show failing to get future seasons.

There could be multiple reasons for the show’s apparent cancelation including the fact that no new games have been released in the Skylanders universe since season 1 released.

The removal could also be due to some of the other common reasons that Netflix shows fail to get new seasons. The biggest reason is falling viewership that fails to justify the price of admission for new seasons.

Ultimately it’s a shame as 41 Entertainment has produced some of the best looking animated shows for kids on Netflix. Skylanders Academy featured some great characters which will continue to be enjoyed by millions around the world.

As of right now, 38 episodes of Skylanders Academy resides on Netflix.