‘The Witness’ Netflix True-Crime Series: Filming Starts Summer 2024 & What We Know So Far

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Netflix True Crime Series The Witness

Pictured: Rachel Nickell

Netflix has partnered with STV Studios and commissioned a brand-new scripted true-crime series, The Witness. Centered on the murder of Rachel Nickell, which was witnessed by her son Alex Hanscombe on the Wimbledon Common, he and his father, André, tell their story. Filming is due to get underway in the summer, and it will be released sometime on Netflix in 2025. 

The Witness is an upcoming Netflix Original true-crime drama series written, produced, and created by Rob Williams (The Victim). It is based on tragic real-life events and the aftermath of Rachel Nickell’s murder.

STV Studios is the production studio behind the series, who are represented by executive producer Sarah Brown (Screw). John Yorke is also an executive producer on The Witness, followed by Alison Sterling, also a producer.

Sarah Brown, STV’s Creative Director of Drama, had the following to say;

“This is true crime but through a very different lens: it’s a story of trauma but also one of survival and healing and it’s a privilege to be working with Alex and André to help bring their moving journey to the screen. We’re also thrilled to be collaborating once again with Rob Williams whose humanity and sensitivity as a screenwriter make him the perfect person to tell this story.”

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Alex and André Hanscombe, who are the consultants on The Witness, had the following to say;

“We can’t thank STV Studios and Netflix enough for helping share our story and it’s a blessing to be working with them and to Rob, John and Sarah. We are much indebted to the whole team. Our journey has all been by the grace of God and a promise to go on together.  We hope that audiences will be left with a testament to the tough battle of life we all face and to the power of faith, hope, love – and never giving up.”

Alex And Andre Hanscombe Netflix True Crime The Witness

Picture: André Hanscombe (left) and his son Alex Hanscombe (right) – Credit: Dan Charity

What is The Witness?

Netflix has provided a full synopsis for The Witness;

“Based on the memoir and experiences of Alex and André Hanscombe THE WITNESS, takes us on their journey from 1992 through to the early 2000’s as they deal with the devastating impact of Rachel’s brutal murder on their lives. His father André – becoming a single parent overnight – put his own grief to one side and made Alex the centre of his world.  Navigating the unscrupulous media furore and the urgency of an increasingly desperate police investigation, his sole concern became the welfare of his tiny, traumatised son. Who also happened to be the only eyewitness to the attack.  This is the story of how a father and son made it through the aftermath of an unimaginable tragedy, through darkness and into light.”

Rachel Knickell Netflix True Crime The Witness

Picture: Rachel Nickell (left), and André Hanscombe with their son Alex

Mona Qureshi, Netflix’s Director of UK Content, also had the following to say;

“This was an event that shocked the whole nation – and while many people remember Rachel’s tragic death, what happened next deserves to be shared with an audience. Alex and André ‘s story is an extraordinary testament to the tenacious and redeeming love between a parent and a child and we are honoured that Netflix will be able to share this tale of strength and resilience with the world”

Mona Quershi Netflix True Crime The Witness

Picture: Mona Qureshi, Netflix’s Director of UK Content – The TV Festival

Who are the cast members of The Witness?

None of the cast have been announced as part of the initial announcement. We’ll know more and report accordingly soon.

What is the episode count of The Witness?

It has been confirmed that the series will consist of three episodes. Each episode will have a runtime of approximately 60 minutes.

What is the production status of The Witness?

Official Production Status: Filming Scheduled (Last Updated: 14/03/2024)

Netflix has confirmed that filming will get underway on an unconfirmed date this Summer (2024).

When is the Netflix release date for The Witness?

Netflix has yet to announce an exact release date. However, it has been confirmed that The Witness will be released sometime in 2025.

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