Trailer Parks Boys Season 10 Release Date Announced


The wait is finally over as to when we’ll be watching season 10 of Trailer Park Boys season 10 on Netflix and we haven’t got that long to wait.

The Canadian mockumentary series has found cult status among many fans in the US and abroad with its abrupt style and no bullshit approach to everything. The premise of the show is simple, it follows misfits living in a trailer park and follows them on their daily routines which usually involve crime and anything else you’d stereotype with a trailer park. Season 11 has been confirmed making the arrival of season 10 onto Netflix even more vital.

This will come to many fans delight as the wait has been excruciating to find any sort of release date out but finally, the official Trailer Park Boys Facebook account has released the official release date as to when we’re getting season 10 and that date is March 28th 2016. The last time we had any new Trailer Park Boys content was in December where a 75-minute special called Drunk, High and Unemployed landed onto Netflix.

Season 10 of course featured Snoop Dogg who appeared in a guest cameo alongside series regulars Julian, Ricky and Bubbles. We can’t wait to head back to the trailer park to catch up with our favorite hillbillies.

Once you’re finished with season 10 of the show there’s still plenty more to watch from the Trailer Park Boys with plenty of standup special, holiday episodes and of course, their movie all of which are streaming on Netflix.

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