‘Virgin River’ Season 5 Eying July 2022 Filming Start

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It’s been a dry few months for Virgin River fans in terms of news with the only news being that filming on the upcoming fifth season had been delayed. Finally, however, things are looking like they’re moving with season 5 of Virgin River now scheduled to begin filming in July 2022. Here are the early details.

To bring you up to speed if you’re not familiar with Virgin River or confused about why we’re talking about season 5 when season 4 hasn’t even been released, here’s a quick rundown.

Debuting in 2019, Virgin River is the feel-good series adaptation of the Robyn Carr Virgin River novels. It stars Alexandra Breckenridge and Martin Henderson and we’ve seen three seasons released on Netflix. The most recent season, season 3, was released on Netflix on July 8th, 2021.

The show has been a top performer on Netflix which has led it getting early season renewals almost every season. In September, we learned that the show is returning for a season 4 and a season 5. Season 4 has already wrapped filming having finished just before Christmas.

No release date has been announced for season 4 just yet but is confirmed for 2022.

Onto season 5 then. Filming was originally supposed to start in March 2022 according to Alexandra Breckenridge but said that filming had been pushed back.

Now, according to new production schedules seen by What’s on Netflix, filming is now due to pick up on July 1st, 2022, and then run through to November 30th, 2022. That’s around 5 months of total filming time.

Of course, we should state that filming dates are always subject to change with things like writing changes, casting, and other factors all coming into play when it comes to getting production underway.

We don’t know too much about season 5 of Virgin River right now without watching season 4 although we do know that Sue Tenney is expected to continue showrunning duties.

If you’re wondering where season 5 of Virgin River is going to be filmed, we’re likely going to be heading back to some familiar locations as we’ve seen in previous seasons. The show is almost entirely filmed up in Vancouver, Canada. We’ve cataloged all of the filming locations for the iconic Netflix series here.

Are you excited for the fifth season of Virgin River? Let us know in the comments.

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