‘When Life Gives You Tangerines’ IU Netflix K-Drama: Everything We Know So Far

K-pop star IU will star in the upcoming romantic Netflix K-drama 'When Life Gives You Tangerines'.

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When Life Gives You Tangerines Netflix K Drama Preview

Picture: IU and Park Bo-gum

K-pop star IU will be starring in her second Netflix Original K-drama in the upcoming romantic drama When Life Gives You Tangerines. Filming is almost over, and we’ll keep track of everything you need to know about the K-drama, including the plot, cast news, production updates, and the Netflix release date.

When Life Gives You Tangerines is an upcoming South Korean Netflix Original romantic drama series directed by Kim Won Suk (Arthdal Chronicles), and written by screenwriter Im Sang Choon (When the Camellia Blooms).

Editor’s Note: The title was previously titled You Have Done Well and has since been changed to When Life Gives You Tangerines.

What is the plot of When Life Gives You Tangerines?

The most extensive synopsis for When Life Gives You Tangerines is more of a character description than a description of the plot;

“Ae Soon is rebellious but gets nervous every time she rebels. She isn’t well off but is always shining and full of positivity. She dreams of becoming a poet, although she is unable to attend school, and she is a bold character who doesn’t hide any emotions.

Gwan Shik is an extremely diligent and quiet character. Romance isn’t a strength for him, however, and he doesn’t know how to act if Ae Soon cries or laughs, but he is a silent warrior who only loves Ae Soon from the very beginning and pours his all into loving her.”

However, we do have a more minor synopsis, with a brief description of the plot;

“Tell the adventurous life stories of Ae Soon and Gwan Shik who were born on Jeju Island in the 1950s.”

Who are the cast members of When Life Gives You Tangerines?

The cast of When Life Gives You Tangerines will excite many K-drama fans.

Beloved K-pop idol IU will star in the lead role as Ae Soon (Young). So far, she has only starred in one Netflix K-drama, the Persona anthology. Her role in the series was wildly praised. 2019 was an excellent year for IU as she starred in the extremely popular K-drama Hotel Del Luna, which is part of the top 50 highest-rated Korean cable dramas. By the time You Have Done Well lands on Netflix, it will be the first time in six years that fans will see her in a K-drama.

persona IU netflix you have done well k drama copy

Picture: IU in Persona – Netflix

Park Bo Gum will play the lead role of Gwan Shik. So far, the actor has starred in two Netflix projects, Record of Youth and Itaewon Class. His role in Itaweon Class was limited to a guest role for one episode. However, he had a leading role in Record of Youth. Outside of Netflix, his most famous role is arguably Choi Taek in Reply 1988.

record of youth park bo gum netflix you have done well k drama

Picture: Park Bo Gum in Record of Youth – Netflix

Moon So Ri will play the lead role of Ae Soon (Middle Aged). Fans of Queenmaker will instantly recognize the actress as Oh Kyung Sook. Moon So Ri previously starred in the Netflix K-drama The School Nurse Files and Life. She also starred in the Netflix movie Seoul Vibe as Kang In Sook.

queenmaker moon so ri netflix you have done well k drama

Picture: Moon So Ri in Queenmaker – Netflix

Park Hae Joon will be playing the lead role of Gwan Shik (Middle-Aged). The actor starred in all three parts of the first season of Arthdal Chronicles as Lee Tae Oh and will reprise the role in the upcoming second season. Outside of Netflix, he previously starred in the highest-rated cable television K-drama of all time, The World of the Married. Park Hae Joon also starred in two movies for Netflix, a guest role in 20th Century Girl and a lead role in The 8th Night a Kim To Tae.

the world of the married park hae joon netflix you have done well k drama

Picture: Park Hae Joon in The World of the Married – jTBC

The supporting cast members are Na Moon Hee (Dear My Friends), Choi Dae Hoon (One Dollar Lawyer), Kim Yong Rim (Three Bold Siblings), Lee Jun Young (Class of Lies), Lee Soo Kyung (Ho Goo’s Love), and Baek Ji Won (Extraordinary Attorney Woo).

What is the production status of When Life Gives You Tangerines?

Production Status: Filming (Last Updated: 31/01/2024)

Filming for When Life Gives You Tangerines is almost over. Production began on the series in March 2023 and is due to conclude by the start of February 2024.

When is When Life Gives You Tangerines coming to Netflix?

With filming ending in February 2024, the likelihood of the K-drama arriving in 2024 is slim.

If the K-drama is to arrive on Netflix in 2024, then we expect it to be released sometime between October 2024 and December 2024.

For now, we await Netflix to make an official announcement for the release date.

Are you looking forward to the release of When Life Gives You Tangerines on Netflix? Let us know in the comments below!

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