When will ‘Archer’ Season 10 be on Netflix?

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Archer 1999 – FX

Despite Archer being removed from Netflix in the United States, many regions of Netflix still carry Archer. Here’s a look at when we’re expecting Archer season 10 to be on Netflix or as it’s also being dubbed, Archer 1999. 

The long-running FX show still remains a fan-favorite among Netflixers with it regularly showing up in trending now sections and is still popular on its FX home.

The show’s tenth season is airing on FXX between May 2019 to the end of July 2019. The show’s future is in doubt, however, given the creator is reportedly stepping away.

It’s worth noting that the air date for this season was pushed back a month which could play a part in delaying the Netflix release dates expected below.

When will season 10 be on Netflix in the United Kingdom?

The UK has seen a strange release pattern in recent years. Both seasons 7 and 8 were released on Netflix in June whereas last years season 9 was released in August 2019.

As the show hasn’t been pegged for a July 2019 release, we’re currently expecting it to be made available on August 2019.

When will season 10 be on Netflix in Canada?

Netflix Canada gets its new episodes added in a routine format and once again, we’re expecting season 10 be made available on Netflix in September 2019.

When will season 10 be on Netflix in Australia?

Netflix Australia gets the new seasons much later that the UK and Canada. In the past few years, new seasons have come in April and May which is roughly a year after the series airs.

That means season 10 is currently expected to be on Netflix in Australia in April or May 2020.

ARCHER: 1999 — “Bort the Garj” – FXX

Will Archer come back to Netflix in the United States?

Probably not. Archer was part of an array of removals from the Fox and FX library and was removed in March 2018.

In short, the show will remain on its new home of Hulu for streaming. Fox is now owned by Disney who owns the majority shareholding of Hulu so it’s a natural home.

Some of the other regions that are due to get season 10 include the Netherlands, France, Belgium, Japan, Italy, Argentina, Brazil, Germany and many more.

Are you looking forward to watching Archer season 10 on Netflix? Let us know in the comments.

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