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FX Titles Leaving Netflix 2017-2018

Netflix for several years has been the home to many FX shows but along with many Fox shows, some will be subject to removal over the coming months. This could include big FX titles like Archer, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and even American Horror Story.

This news comes as Netflix breaks ties with FOX and its owner 20th Century Fox which includes the subsidiary channel FX. The full list of FOX titles leaving Netflix can be found on our site where we’re updating as dates get confirmed.

With the FX library leaving, we’re putting a massive asterisk on it because, in previous years, Netflix has always dealt with FX and FOX shows separately meaning that just because the FOX titles are leaving doesn’t mean that FX will. FX purposely leaves most of its library off of Netflix but its biggest titles, It’s Always Sunny, American Horror Story and Archer will be massive blows to Netflix should they leave.

TitleExpiration Date
American Horror Story (Asylum)December 6th
American Horror Story (Coven)December 5th
American Horror Story (Freak Show)October 5th
American Horror Story (Hotel)October 3rd
American Horror Story (Murder House)November 19th
It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia (Seasons 1 to 11)December 8th
Louie (Seasons 1 to 5)October 26th
The League (Seasons 1 to 7) ConfirmedAugust 29th

What about American Crime Story?

American Crime Story will be exempt from removal because it was picked up exclusively last year by Netflix for a big fee. This includes the first season and all future seasons too.

When do these dates get confirmed?

At the time of writing, the only title to be confirmed leaving is The League. We typically get full confirmation lists from Netflix around 30 days before they’re scheduled to leave. So for example, we’d expect to hear about American Horror Story Hotel’s removal on September 3rd at the earliest.

Much of this list has been compiled by fans who called Netflix and have been tracking all these series. As always, expirations dates are subject to change and contracts can and have been renegotiated at the last minute.

Are you sad that these titles may be leaving Netflix? Let us know in the comments below.

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