FX Titles Leaving Netflix in 2018

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FX titles will continue to leave Netflix throughout 2018 and we’re tracking them all here plus all the FX titles that have already left Netflix too. The big titles set to leave and those that have left include Archer, Sons of Anarchy, It’s Always Sunny and The League.

Just to recap and bring up anyone up to date on the situation at present. Netflix and Fox parted ways last year which meant that the Fox library is leaving Netflix. In addition to that, Fox’s subsidiaries FX and FXX will also be taking off their libraries from Netflix. In this case, only two titles are exempt from this removal which we’ve listed below.

In almost all of the cases below, most have left Netflix in favor of being added to Hulu which has already likely happened.

FX Titles Still to Leave Netflix in 2018

There are only two titles left to leave Netflix from the FX library.

Title Name Date of Removal
Sons of Anarchy (All Seasons) Awaiting Date…

FX Titles That Left Netflix in 2017 in 2018

2017 was when the majority of FX titles left Netflix and we’ve listed them in alphabetical order below plus their Netflix removal date.

Title Name Date of Removal
Archer (All Seasons) March 2018
Damages (All Seasons) October 14th
It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia (All Seasons) December 9th
Louie (Seasons 1 to 5) October 26th
Terriers (1 Season) December 1st
The League (Seasons 1 to 7) August 29th
Wilfred (4 Seasons) April 7th


There are two major exemptions to FX titles leaving Netflix. The first is that American Crime Story season 1 and all future seasons. This is part of an exclusive arrangement that was struck just before the release of American Crime Story.

Amercian Horror Story is also exempt from these removals. These were originally scheduled to be removed throughout fall 2017 but Netflix announced it had been renewed. We don’t know how long the contract lasts as it’s not exclusive.

Are there any titles here you’re sad to see go? Let us know down in the comments.

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