When will Season 3 of Quantico be on Netflix?

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Season 3 of Quantico is now airing on ABC and if you’re waiting for it to arrive on Netflix, you’ll be waiting for a while. Here’s what we know about the release date on Netflix for the US, Canada and other regions. 

ABC is known for creating content around emergency services with titles like Greys Anatomy still being one of the most popular titles on Netflix. Quantico is an FBI drama starring Priyanka Chopra, Josh Hopkins, and Jake McLaughlin. Although renewed for the third season its time slot was moved likely because of the lackluster viewing figures. Season 4 has yet to be confirmed.

Unexpectedly, Netflix acquired the rights to Quantico back in 2016 when it announced it’d be streaming the first season. Since then, we’ve got season 2 added in the United States too. That means we’re almost certainly going to be getting season 3 given the way contracts with third parties usually work. In most instances, Netflix will acquire the shows streaming rights for the lifetime of the show. Meaning, if Quantico lasts for 6 seasons, we’ll get all six added to Netflix at some point.

The reason as to why we said it was an unexpected acquisition is because ABC owns a stake in Hulu which doesn’t give them much reason to add their content to Netflix. We have the suspicion that ABC may remove their content from Netflix but that has yet to be verified.

Netflix US Release Date

We’re currently expecting Quantico season 3 will be arriving slightly different this time around.  That’s because the show has moved from its September slot to April. Given this, it’s hard for us to predict when the next season will be stream on Netflix. At the earliest, it may be streaming in June 2018 assuming the show has aired all its episodes. The more likely scenario is that it’ll arrive around March/April 2019 when a new season would likely begin airing.

Other Netflix Regions

Canada gets new seasons of Quantico in September each year as does India, Brazil, and Argentina.

Are you looking forward to Quantico coming back to Netflix for its third season? Let us know down below.

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