When will season 7 of ‘The Vampire Diaries’ come to Netflix?

Tim Colman What's on Netflix Avatar


Running since 2009, The Vampire Diaries continues to deliver one of the best vampire experiences on television today. Now well into its seventh season, many Netflixers will be questioning as to when it’ll arrive on Netflix, here’s the answers.

The premise of the show is relatively simple, a teenage girl is unknowingly torn between not only two brothers but two vampire brothers. This then spreads to the whole world of vampires and has even led to a spinoff series focusing on one particular family featured here called The Originals.

Season 7 of the show has already had very positive reviews and currently is scheduled to have 18 full episodes and an eighth season at this point is almost a given.

The show has been added to Netflix in the past few years as part of what we call The CW refresh which occurs every year in October. Given that The Vampire Diaries has run in the same time schedule on The CW over the winter and into Spring, we cannot see that causing any upset to the release date being in October 2016.

What we do see a potential issue being however is the fact that CBS and Time Warner bosses, who also owns The CW, have stated their potential intent of breaking away from Netflix and other streaming services opting instead to put their content onto a single streaming platform. Netflix themselves has admitted that the CW contract does indeed come up for renewal in 2016 and they’ll most likely have to dig deep for their content this time around with heavy hitters like Arrow, The Flash and Supernatural all being big pulls for anyone with a Netflix subscription.

We’re obviously hoping here that all the CW content is renewed and in that case, we’ll be getting season 7 of The Vampire Diaries in October 2016. That release date will likely be confirmed in the coming soon post in September.