When will Season 8 of ‘Still Game’ be on Netflix?

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British Comedy series are arguably some of the funniest and best tv shows you will ever get to experience. One of the best titles in recent memory is the hilarious Scottish comedy Still Game. With seven hilarious seasons available on Netflix, fans are still waiting for the release of the eighth season. But will Season 8 of Still Game be coming to Netflix? Let’s find out.

Still Game is a long-running Scottish comedy series that acts as a sequel to Chewin’ the Fat. The series began in theatre before it moved to radio and television. For the first three seasons, the show was only available to BBC Scotland, but thanks to gaining such popularity with Scottish audiences the fourth audience was broadcast nationally. Still Game has also become a very popular BBC title available to stream on multiple regions on Netflix.

A cult Scottish comedy about the lives of two OAP’s, Jack and Victor express their views and bemoan how it used to be in the old days and how it is now in the fictional area of Glasgow, Craiglang.

Will season 8 of Still Game be coming to Netflix US?

Still Game first came to Netflix back in January of 2015. The Scottish comedy series debuted with six seasons, with the subsequent seventh season arriving two years after it aired in the UK. If we go by the previous season, the US could be waiting until 2020!

We were originally expecting Still Game season 8 to be on Netflix back in October 2019 but that date came and went. Instead, in April 2020, we got it as a late announcement for the month. Season 8 of Still Game will be on Netflix in the United States on April 15th, 2020.

Will other regions be streaming season 8 of Still Game?

It can be expected that all the regions streaming Still Game currently will receive season 8 eventually. The BBC infamously has an erratic release schedule when it comes to their titles. For fans in the United Kingdom, it can be expected that season will take longer to arrive. This is because Still Game season 8 is available on BBC iPlayer until November 2019.

The following regions are streaming Still Game on Netflix:

  • Australia (Season 7)
  • Canada (Season 7)
  • Czech Republic (Season 7)
  • Greece (Season 7)
  • Hungary (Season 7)
  • India (Season 7)
  • Lithuania (Season 7)
  • Russia (Season 7)
  • Slovakia (Season 7)
  • United Kingdom (Season 7)
  • US (Season 7)
  • Romania (Season 7)
  • Singapore (Season 7)
  • Thailand (Season 7)
  • Israel (Season 7)

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