When will Twin Peaks: The Return be on Netflix?

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Twin Peak: The Return on Netflix

One of TV’s most bizarre shows of all time got its 2017 reboot and many fans of the show will be wanting the return of Twin Peaks be on Netflix. Below, we’ll take a  look at the new season as well as cover whether or not it’ll be on Netflix in the future.

The new series started up on Showtime on May 21st and with 18 episodes scheduled it’s now scheduled to finish up on September 3rd, 2017. It’s been revived as a limited series which means this may be the only new season we get going forward. Much of the cast members from the original series including the original creators of the show have returned. The murder mystery show that likes to fuse supernatural tones and horror tropes has grown to have a cult status and was a welcome return in 2017.

The most important thing to know about the reboot of Twin Peaks is the network change. When it first ran during the early 90’s it was carried by ABC. ABC has a close relationship with Netflix bringing many of its older and newest shows to the service. The new series is run by Showtime, a company with shows on Netflix but has noticeable holes in its library, to say the least.

You’ll know that the original Twin Peaks series is available on Netflix which is surely a sign that the return will come? Wrong. Given Showtime’s limited library and their attention to their own platform, including a premium add-on for Hulu, unless Netflix stumps up a lot of cash, it’s unlikely that Netflix will carry the show. If it does acquire the license it’s most likely that it will be added before a potential second season in early 2018.

In the meantime, go and check out Black Mirror on Netflix. It’s a show that has similar ties to the show with regards to its creepy nature. If it’s the horror elements you enjoy, then American Horror Story should definitely be on your radar too.

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