Will ‘Child’s Play’ be Coming to Netflix?

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Let’s play! It’s over 30 years since the release of Child’s Play. Frightening children and adults with the subsequent films, it’s now time for a new Chucky to scare the next generation. But will the reboot of Child’s Play be coming to Netflix? Let’s find out!

Child’s Play is an American horror film based on the title of the same name from 1988. The series is acknowledged as a reboot to the original films and is the very first without the involvement of creator Don Mancini. The design of Chucky is familiar to the original doll albeit a more robotic design due to the modern day take on the classic horror villain. Mark Hamill replaces Brad Dourif as Chucky, having previously provided his voice for the character in an episode of Robot Chicken.

For her sons 14th Birthday Karen Barclay gets her hands on a state of the art “Buddi” doll. It’s not long before Andy and the doll grow attached to each other but over time the doll begins to show violent tendencies. When the smart doll’s violent nature begins to shine through Andy is left with no choice but to team with the children of the neighborhood to take down the toy from hell before it kills them all.

Will Child’s Play be coming to Netflix US?

The likelihood of Child’s Play coming to Netflix US is very slim. This is thanks to the licensing agreements that MGM has in place for their content.

In the US the latest releases by productions studios associated with MGM become available to stream through EPIX Now. The streaming service is owned by MGM thus it makes complete sense for those titles to be available on EPIX Now.

Epix Now is available to download and costs $5.99 a month. For Amazon Prime customers EPIX is available as an add on for an extra $5.99 a month on top of your monthly prime membership. This gives you full access to content EPIX has available.

There’s potential that Child’s Play will arrive eventually but not for a number of years.

Will Child’s Play be coming to other regions?

It’s well known in the UK that most of the latest cinematic end up on SKY and Now TV. Child’s Play will likely follow suit. Once the license has expired Netflix is unlikely to pick up the film. Like the US, Amazon has a similar package deal in the UK, for customers in search of content by MGM. Through an additional £4.49 a month on top of your monthly Amazon Prime subscription you can have access to MGM Now.

In Australia, if Child’s Play doesn’t arrive on Netflix, then Stan is the most likely home for the horror title.

As far as we’re aware MGM doesn’t have a specific deal in place with a particular streaming service. This means Netflix would definitely be one of the favorites to stream Child’s Play.

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