Will Mortal Engines be Coming to Netflix?

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At the time of writing Mortal Engines has had a disastrously poor showing at the box office. Christian Rivers’ first film in the director’s seat has been a huge box office flop for Peter Jackson and Universal Studios. That being said could Netflix take advantage of this? While the film has been a disaster at the box office, would it be better off on a streaming service instead? Let’s discuss if Mortal Engines is coming to Netflix.

A cataclysmic event forced the last remnants of humanity to create and congregate into roving cities. The philosophy followed in the new world is known as “Municipal Darwinism,” which has lead to the giant cities ‘eating’ the smaller settlements absorbing both the population and supplies. The city of London is one such city that devours everything in its path. To get revenge on the leader of London for the death of her mother, Hester Shaw is forced to team up with the outcast Tom Natsworthy and the outlaw Anna Fang.

Will Mortal Engines be coming to Netflix US?

There has been no confirmation that Mortal Engines will be coming to Netflix.

Netflix doesn’t have any existing contracts with Universal with the exception of the animation division which does see the movies drop on Netflix.

But the film has been a disaster at the box office and would likely perform better on a streaming service. If the demand for the film isn’t great then Netflix could pick up the license to stream for a reasonable price. Universal will be looking to make as much money back as they can considering losses of around $100 million are being reported.

Other streaming services may want the license as well, so Amazon Prime and Hulu would also be in the running.

Will Mortal Engines comes to other Netflix regions?

Sky and Now TV is the most likely home for Mortal Engines first in the UK. This is because Sky acquires the licensing to distribute films through television and streaming. Sky only has the licensing for new films for a limited period of time. Once the license is over the film is likely to find a new home.

For Australia, it could be between any number of streaming services available. The likely home would either be Netflix, Amazon or Foxtel. In Canada, Netflix or Amazon Prime have high chances of acquiring the streaming rights.

Would you like to see Mortal Engines streaming on Netflix? Let us know in the comments below!

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