Will Operation Finale Come to Netflix in the US?

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Operation Finale is now on Netflix in most international regions but Netflix in the United States hasn’t seen the movie drop. Below, we’ll talk about why the movie isn’t on Netflix in the US and if and when it eventually will be available. 

The World War 2 movie features the retelling of the capture of one of the most notorious Nazi’s who was dubbed as the architect of the final solution. This story looks at the elite crew from Israel who travelled to Argentina to capture Adolf Eichmann.

The movies cast is particularly strong with the likes of Oscar Isaac, Ben Kingsley and Mélanie Laurent. The movie has opened to mixed reviews and had a relatively good opening box office.

On the official Netflix media site, Operation Finale’s distribution set up is described as “First Run Non-US” going to say, “Operation Finale will launch on 3 October in all Netflix territories outside of the US. Operation Finale is an Automatik Production presented by Metro Goldwyn Mayer Pictures.”

How Operation Finale became a Netflix Original

Not for the first time, Netflix serves as the international distributor for this movie. The reason as to why hasn’t been announced but it’s typically when distributors predict they can’t make the movie work in an international market.

Will Operation Finale be on Netflix US?

At the moment, we’ve had no official announcement regarding whether Operation Finale will be on Netflix in the US.

The last big movie to be released in a similar manner was Annihilation earlier this year which was distributed by Paramount in the US and Netflix elsewhere. Annihilation has still yet to be added to Netflix in the US.

Should Operation Finale come to Netflix, it won’t be until the third phase of release. We’ll get DVD and video on demand early next year and it won’t be until late Spring or early summer until we see it on Netflix, assuming it does come of course.

We don’t expect any announcements regarding its streaming status until after the DVD release to prevent any lost sales.

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