Will The CW’s ‘Stargirl’ be on Netflix?

Stargirl – Picture: The CW

Stargirl moved to The CW and joins the wider DC Arrowverse but will season 1 of Stargirl be coming to Netflix? 

The Stargirl we’re referring to is the upcoming show in the DC Universe, not the new movie currently headed to Disney+.

The Arrowverse and indeed the DC TV Universe has grown exponentially over the past few years. There are six DC series on The CW with Stargirl joining, in addition, you’ve got a myriad of titles on DC Universe too including Titans, Swamp Thing, Harley Quinn, and Doom Patrol.

That’s not including Netflix’s own DC titles too including Lucifer and the upcoming Netflix Sandman series.

The series is set to premiere on The CW mid-season which essentially means early 2020 but as you may know, the show was originally meant to debut on DC Universe.

Will Stargirl be on Netflix in the United States?

Sadly, Stargirl is almost certainly not coming to Netflix in the United States and that’s despite Netflix carrying the majority of Arrowverse going into 2020.

Before 2019, all output from The CW would come to Netflix as part of a huge deal however that came to an end. For all future The CW shows, they’ll be shopped individually but so far, most have gone to the providers own services whether that be CBS’s content to CBS All Access or Warner Brothers to HBO Max.

Instead, the streaming rights look like they’ll be with DC Universe who will carry the show after airing on The CW.

Like Batwoman (that’s also not headed to Netflix), however, you likely will get a glimpse of Stargirl on Netflix via the crossover episodes.

Will Stargirl be on Netflix internationally?

The likelihood is that we won’t see Stargirl in international Netflix regions either. We did see Titans get licensed internationally but given HBO Max’s international expansion plans we’re likely going to see Warner sell Stargirl to their usual buyers and not Netflix. We’ll update this should anything change, though.

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