Will there be a ‘Project Mc2’ Part 7 on Netflix?

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Project Mc2 – Netflix / Dreamworks

Every now and again, we check in with an old show on Netflix and today, we’re going to look at Project Mc2 and look at the show’s legacy, why it isn’t getting a part 7 and what the cast and crew have since moved onto. Here’s what’s going on with Project Mc2 part 7. 

Let’s rewind and head back to the beginning. The first season came to Netflix as part of Dreamworks TV offerings to Netflix. Dreamworks TV typically produces animated content for Netflix but Project Mc2 was one of the first live-action series.

On August 7th, 2015 the first part consisting of three episodes released. We then received regular updates all the way up until part 6 which released back in November 2017.

Alongside the 26 episodes, Netflix also saw the release of several specials including an annual New Year’s Countdown.

The show is created by Jordana Arkin who set out the series to be a positive influence on kids teaching them that science is cool. It’s set in a fictional city and sees McKeyla McAlister and her friends take part in a secret government organization who help protect the world.

Will Project MC2 come back for part 7/season 7?

This seems to be the biggest question regarding the show and at two years on since the last episode, it’s safe to say the show has now concluded and won’t be returning for part 7.

Dreamworks TV projects typically have a fixed start, middle and ending and it was likely determined early on that the show would only run 7 parts. It didn’t get canceled but simply, ran its course.

That’s not to say that in the future the show could see a reunion episode.

How to keep up with Project Mc2 now the show has ended

The show remains and will continue be available on Netflix but the show is also uploading compilation clips on its YouTube channel with the most recent video being uploaded in early June 2019.

The show’s Facebook page remains active although it’s mostly now selling merchandise surrounding the show. The Project Mc2 Twitter account has been dormant for some time.

What are the cast and crew of Project Mc2 doing now?

The creator of the show Jordana Arkin, has since moved onto other projects namely Star Vs the Forces of Evil which airs on Disney Channel. Jordana has also written one of the episodes for Fuller House which Netflix revived several years back.

Jordana Arkin also recently revealed she has a new show on the go which recently got a pilot.

Mika Abdalla who plays McKeyla McAlister has since appeared in a short movie called The Violet, Ysa Penarejo who played Caryn played the role of Maisie in a series called Red Ruby.

Genneya Walton who played Bryden Bandweth has since appeared in 9-1-1 on Fox and The Resident. Belle Shouse who played Ember is in a TV series called Queen America.

Project Mc2 Legacy on Netflix

The show still remains a fan-favorite for many with an active audience still engaging nearly two years after it concluded on Netflix.

Project Mc2 notably was nominated for a Daytime Emmy which is a prestigious award and one of the first Netflix kids series to do so.

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