Best New Stand-Up Specials on Netflix in 2020

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Netflix has been killing it with its standup specials over the past few years and although 2020 looks to be a quieter year for the genre, 2020 has certainly started off well. Here’s an ongoing list of our favorite new stand-up specials added to Netflix in 2020 (and a few from last year too). 

We’ll be keeping this list updated throughout the year with all of our favorite new stand-up specials and there’s bound to be quite a few.

Some of the talent coming in 2020 includes Marc Maron, Pete Davidson, Ali Wong, Patton Oswalt, Sam Jay, Ricky Gervais, Billy Eichner, Chris Rock, Michael McIntyre, and Gabriel Inglesias.

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Ronny Chieng: Asian Comedian Destroys America

Born in Johor Bahru, Malaysia, Ronny Chieng is currently a Daily Show correspondent living in America. Raised in Manchester, New Hampshire, Singapore and having attended the University of Melbourne, this comedian has seen a lot of lifestyles. In this light comedy special, he addresses cultural differences and the land of excess.

Tom Papa: You’re Doing Great

From start to finish, Tom Papa is always strong. Intonation is everything and he really is a master of the craft. I’ve been a fan for quite a few years and he always delivers. His comedy focuses on the everyday man. From family to social media, Tom Papa understands you.

Tiffany Hadish: Black Mitzvah

You probably know her as the hilarious movie co-star, but Tiffany Hadish has some stand-up skills. In this Netflix special, she explores her life including her Jewish heritage, stardom, and more. I was dubious when I started but this is pretty darn funny.

Fortune Feimster: Sweet and Salty

I love comedy, but I’m not always a laugh out loud kind of person. This special had some moments that truly had me laughing. Feimster discusses her Southern roots, food, even the moments she came out. They are all hilarious and she is a comedienne to watch.

Jo Koy: Comin’ In Hot

I adore Jo Koy. From the smallest of beginnings, he has turned into a stadium sell-out comedian. Bringing his quirky humor to Hawaii for Netflix, Koy talks about racial stereotypes, his own family, and embarrasses his son more than I can even imagine. From podcast to comedy special, catch Jo Koy when you can. He’s worth it.

What has been your favorite recent stand-up special on Netflix? Let us know in the comments down below.

Best New Stand-Up Specials on Netflix in 2020

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