Biggest Shows & Movies on Netflix in 2021 According To Top 10s

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biggest titles on netflix in 2021 according to top 10s

Using the top 10 data (as provided by FlixPatrol) below you’ll get to see the biggest hits of 2021 in terms of which titles have spent the longest in the top 10s around the globe. We’ll be covering the global top 10 data while also covering top 10 data for the United States and the United Kingdom.

You’ll notice Netflix Originals dominate most lists. On the global list, this is mostly because of availability (ie. a licensed title could come to Netflix UK but nowhere else and therefore be unable to enter the top 10s in other regions). In addition, newer titles tend to do really well around the time of release and many argue that Netflix gives higher priority to its own library.

How do these lists work? When a title is number 1 on Netflix for a day in one country, it scores 10 points. If a title is at number 2, it scores 9 points and so on and so forth. This list combines all the numbers for 2021 into a single number that gives us insight into what’s performed well on the Netflix top 10s.

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This article uses data up to August 9th, 2021. 

Top 10 Movies on Netflix Globally So Far in 2021

we can be heroes netflix january 2021

One recurring theme you’re going to see on these lists is how well kids’ shows and movies do on Netflix. We Can Be Heroes demonstrates this perfectly with many around the world slapping on the movie on repeat every day of the week. Disney+ demonstrates this theory too with the same titles in the top 10 every week.

  1. We Can Be Heroes (25.1k points)
  2. Wish Dragon (16.9k points)
  3. The Mitchells vs. The Machines (14.9k points)
  4. Fatherhood (14.6k points)
  5. Army of the Dead (13.9k points)
  6. Yes Day (12.8k points)
  7. Outside The Wire (11.6k points)
  8. Love and Monsters (11.5k points)
  9. Minions (10.7k points)
  10. Major Grom: Plague Doctor (9.6k points)

Top 10 Shows on Netflix Globally So Far in 2021

lupin biggest tv show 2021

Lupin has overtaken Bridgerton who previously topped this list to be the show that’s survived the longest in the top 10s.

Bridgerton is also high up on the list still despite being added to Netflix last December. Netflix’s own released viewership number of 82 million households watching in the first month also backs this up and suggests the show continued to have legs after that initial 28 days.

New Amsterdam the NBC show which was added to Netflix in most regions earlier this year outside the US has been a staple in the top 10s too.

  1. Lupin (42.4k points)
  2. Bridgerton (33.9k points)
  3. New Amsterdam (32.7k points)
  4. Who Killed Sara? (30.3k points)
  5. Ginny & Georgia (28.5k points)
  6. Sex/Life (27.1k points)
  7. Vincenzo (19.1k points)
  8. Lucifer (19k points)
  9. Behind Her Eyes (17.4k points)
  10. Yo soy Betty la Fea (17.1k points)

Top 10 Movies on Netflix US So Far in 2021

the mitchells vs the machines netflix

Kids movies completely dominate the US movie list. The Mitchells. Vs The Machines took the top spot away from We Can Be Heroes in July 2021 and continues to chart well.

  1. The Mitchells vs. The Machines (383 points)
  2. We Can Be Heroes (364 points)
  3. Home (329 points)
  4. The Secret Life of Pets 2 (287 points)
  5. Trouble (211 points)
  6. Wish Dragon (211 points)
  7. Thunder Force (189 points)
  8. Yes Day (176 points)
  9. Fatherhood (175 points)
  10. Bigfoot Family (171 points)

Top 10 Shows on Netflix US So Far in 2021

cocomelon new on netflix december 18

Cocomelon is truly a force of nature. After only being added to Netflix back in 2020, it has dominated the top 10s ever since and that continues a year later.

Manifest, the surprise addition has also absolutely dominated the top 10s since its addition which rocketed it up to second spot.

  1. Cocomelon (1302 points)
  2. Manifest (478 points)
  3. Ginny & Georgia (465 points)
  4. Bridgerton (448 points)
  5. Who Killed Sara? (390 points)
  6. iCarly (365 points)
  7. Virgin River (277 points)
  8. Sex/Life (246 points)
  9. Firefly Lane (238 points)
  10. Sweet Tooth (229 points)

Top 10 Movies on Netflix UK So Far in 2021

we can be heroes netflix us

We Can Be Heroes also dominated the top 10 movie list in the UK too but there are a few other standout titles for the UK.

Seaspiracy is a documentary that lit up the tabloids and dominated the news in the UK and therefore rose to the number 2 spot but has since sunk down to number 4. Elsewhere, The Dig did well in the UK which makes sense given it’s set in Suffolk.

  1. We Can Be Heroes (278 points)
  2. The Secret Life of Pets 2 (202 points)
  3. The Mitchells. vs The Machines (188 points)
  4. Fatherhood (178 points)
  5. Seaspiracy (174 points)
  6. Suicide Squad (171 points)
  7. Wish Dragon (169 points)
  8. Spider-Man: Far from Home (163 points)
  9. Love and Monsters (162 points)
  10. Believe Me: The Abduction of Lisa McVey (158 points)

Top 10 Shows on Netflix UK So Far in 2021

bridgerton season 1 netflix december 25

The UK top 10 list continues to looks very similar to the global list towards the top with the British limited series Behind Her Eyes also doing very well. NBC licensed pickups including Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Superstore have also done well in the top 10 UK list.

  1. CoComelon (536 points)
  2. Bridgerton (511 points)
  3. Ginny & Georgia (454 points)
  4. Peppa Pig (386 points)
  5. Sex/Life (386 points)
  6. Lupin (358 points)
  7. Behind Her Eyes (341 points)
  8. Brooklyn Nine-Nine (318 points)
  9. Superstore (284 points)
  10. RuPaul’s Drag Race (279 points)

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