April 2016 New Netflix Releases

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Coming to Netflix April 2016

As March draws to a close, it’s time to look ahead at all the new Netflix releases scheduled to hit the service in April 2016. There’s quite a few good additions here, including some long awaited updates to seasons of shows we’ve been waiting for. As always, check back daily here on What’s on Netflix for the daily additions and don’t forget, when Netflix gives it also takes away and you can catch up with the latest on what’s leaving Netflix in our April 2016 post.




Fairly quiet on the big blockbusters this month but there’s still plenty to find hidden away. First up is the incredible V for Vendetta which is the political thriller by James McTeigue and released in 2005. It’s one of those layered films that not only won it multiple awards but remains more relevant than ever to this very day.

The Dreamworks partnership continues this month with the Netflix debut for the 2015 movie spin-off Minions. You’ve probably seen minions clogging up your Facebook feed for the past 12 months and now its their turn at clogging up your Netflix feed too. The small little characters are from the Dreamworks movie Despicable Me and became so popular that an inevitable spin off was created. Rounding out our movie picks for this month is Special Correspondents. The Netflix Original movie created by Ricky Gervais is a modern retelling of the French story of the same name. That debuts on Netflix towards the end of the month.

TV Series


A plethora of third party updates this month starting off with Bob’s Burgers on the first of the month. Bob’s Burgers will be updated just a few days after its networks cousin Archer gets an update meaning you can stream the pair of adult animated sitcoms side by side. Also this month is an update to the incredible ABC series all about getting away with murder. How to Get Away With Murder is intelligent and some of the best TV to air over the winter months and now you’ll be able to catch up on Netflix.

Finally this month, alongside the Netflix Originals scheduled to hit, is an update to Lost Girl, the Canadian fantasy series and an update for one of the more looked over series on Netflix, TURN.

Complete List of New Releases in April 2016

April 1st

  • 16 Blocks (2006)
  • 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)
  • A Clockwork Orange (1971)
  • Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown (Season 5)
  • The Ascent of Woman: A 10,000 Year Story
  • Beat Bobby Flay (Season 1)
  • Best in Show (2000)
  • Bob’s Burgers (Season 5)
  • Boogie Nights (1997)
  • Breathe (2014)
  • Chaplin (1992)
  • Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005)
  • Codegirl (2015)
  • Colegas (2012)
  • Cujo (1983)
  • Cutthroat Kitchen (Seasons 3-4)
  • Deep Impact (1998)
  • Dennis Rodman’s Big Bang in Pyongyang (2015)
  • Dolphin Tale (2011)
  • Erin Brockovich (2000)
  • Explorers (1985)
  • Fixer Upper: Season 2
  • Frank and Cindy (2015)
  • Giada at Home (Season 7)
  • The Great Food Truck Race (Seasons 12)
  • House Hunters Collection: Collection 3
  • House Hunters International Collection: Collection 3
  • House Hunters International Renovation (Season 1)
  • Jeremy Scott: The People’s Designer (2015)
  • Kids Baking Championship (Season 1)
  • Looking for Richard (1996)
  • Lost & Found Music Studios (Season 1) NETFLIX ORIGINAL
  • Love It or List It, Too (Season 4)
  • The Mask You Live In (2015)
  • Morituri (1965)
  • My Girl (1991)
  • Mystic River (2003)
  • The Next Best Thing (2000)
  • The Perfect Storm (2000)
  • The Phantom (1996)
  • The Princess Bride (1987)
  • Property Brothers at Home (Season 1)
  • The Ranch (Season 1) NETFLIX ORIGINAL
  • Rev Run’s Sunday Suppers (2014)
  • The Right Stuff (1983)
  • Rising Sun (1993)
  • The Running Man (1987)
  • Say It Isn’t So (2001)
  • The Shawshank Redemption (1994)
  • Scrooged (1988)
  • Something’s Gotta Give (2003)
  • Sunset Boulevard (1950)
  • Transporter 3 (2008)
  • Uncommon Valor (1983)
  • Under the Same Moon (2007)
  • V for Vendetta (2005)

April 5th

  • Walt Before Mickey (2015)

April 8th

  • God’s Pocket (2014)
  • Hush (2016)

April 9th

  • Look Who’s Back (2015)

April 10th

  • Girl Meets World (Season 2)

April 11th

  • TURN: Washington’s Spies (Season 2)

April 12th


April 14th

  • Moonwalkers (2015)
  • Steve Jobs: The Man in the Machine (2015)

April 15th

  • Belgica (2016)
  • Cuckoo (Season 3) NETFLIX ORIGINAL
  • Kong King of the Apes (Film & Series) NETFLIX ORIGINAL
  • Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (Season 2) NETFLIX ORIGINAL

April 16th

  • How to Get Away with Murder (Season 2)

April 17th

  • Lost Girl (Season 5)
  • The Messengers (Season 1)

April 22nd

  • Catching The Sun (2015)
  • Patton Oswalt: Talking for Clapping (2016) NETFLIX ORIGINAL

April 24th

  • Minions (2015)

April 27th

  • Begin Again (2014)
  • The Fosters (Season 3)

April 29th

  • Danger Mouse (Season 1) NETFLIX ORIGINAL
  • Hellion (2014)
  • Special Correspondents (2016) NETFLIX ORIGINAL
  • Team Foxcatcher (2016) NETFLIX ORIGINAL

April 30th

  • Sensitive Skin (Season 2)

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