New Historical Drama Shows Coming to Netflix in 2023 & Beyond

We preview Netflix's upcoming slate of historical drama shows.

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Historical Dramas Coming To Netflix In 2023 And Beyond

Netflix is currently set to release a small selection of historical dramas in 2023 and beyond. Below is our full preview of all of the confirmed historical dramas coming in 2023, confirmed renewals, and all of the historical dramas currently in development.

You can find more of our specific genre previews found in the coming soon section. What is considered to be a “historical drama” may be subjective to some subscribers, however, if there are any on this list that subscribers that you don’t consider to be a historical drama then please feel free to let us know in the comments section.

This preview will also feature non-English language titles.

Titles will be listed in order of confirmed release where available and then in alphabetical order.

Historical Dramas Confirmed for Release in 2023

Queen Charlotte (Season 1) N

Episodes: 6
Era Set: Georgian/Regency | Runtime: TBA
Cast: Golda Rosheuvel, India Amarteifio, Adjoa Andoh, Arsema Thomas, Corey Mylchreest
Netflix Release Date: May 4th, 2023

Queen Charlotte Historical Dramas Coming To Netflix In 2023 And Beyond

Thanks to Bridgerton being one of the most popular franchises on Netflix, it shouldn’t be surprising that the streaming service is taking advantage of its popularity, and exploring spin-off titles. One of the show’s larger-than-life characters, Queen Charlotte, is the first to receive a spin-off, which will be set years before the events of Bridgerton, and will focus on the early years of Queen Charlotte’s marriage to King George III, and her rise to prominence and power.

All the Light We Cannot See (Season 1) N

Episodes: TBA
Era Set: WW2 | Runtime: TBA
Cast: Aria Mia Loberti, Mark Ruffalo, Hugh Laurie, Louis Hofmann, Lars Eidinger
Netflix Release Date: November 2nd, 2023

All The Light We Cannot See Historical Dramas Coming To Netflix In 2023 And Beyond

There will always be a fascination with content set during the German occupation of Europe in WW2, especially with dramas taking you away from the frontlines, and into the lives of everyday citizens.

The story of Marie-Laure, a blind French teenager, and Werner, a German soldier, whose paths collide in occupied France as both try to survive the devastation of World War II.

Gyeongseong Creature (Season 1) N

Episodes: 10
Era Set: WW2 | Runtime: 60 Minutes
Cast: Park Seo Joon, Han So Hee, Kim Su Hyun, Kim Hae Sook, Jo Han Chul
Netflix Release Date: December 22nd, 2023*

Gyeongseong Creature Historical Dramas Coming To Netflix In 2023 And Beyond

Gyeongseong Creature has a preliminary release date, which means it could be brought forward, or pushed back to 2024, however, we fully expect to see the K-drama on Netflix before the end of the year. Set in the final years of the Japanese Empire’s occupation of Korea, where two strangers are confronted by a creature born of greed, and must fight it in order to survive.

Song of the Bandits (Season 1) N

Episodes: TBA
Era Set: Japanese Occupation of Korea | Runtime: TBA
Cast: Kim Nam Gil, Seo Hyun, Yoo Jae Myung, Lee Hyun Wook, Lee Ho Jung
Netflix Release Date: Q3 2023

Song Of The Bandits Historical Dramas Coming To Netflix In 2023 And Beyond

The second K-drama on the list that is set during the Japanese occupation of Korea, Song of the Bandits is produced by Studio Dragon, who has worked on many popular Netflix shows in the past such as Kingdom, The King: Eternal Monarch, Sweet Home, Crash Landing on You, and more.

Set in 1920s, during turbulent period of Japanese occupation, the people of Joseon have been deprived of their place of living and expelled to Japan. Those who headed to Gando, a land of lawlessness with different stories, unite as one to protect the homeland of Koreans.

Historical Dramas Renewal Confirmed

Bridgerton (Season 3) N

Episodes: 8
Era Set: Regency | Runtime: 57-72 Minutes
Cast: Adjoa Andoh, Julie Andrews, Lorraine Ashbourne, Nicola Coughlan, Jonathan Bailey
Netflix Release Date: Q4 2023*

Bridgerton Historical Dramas Coming To Netflix In 2023 And Beyond

Nothing has been set in stone, but we’ve heard rumors that Bridgerton will return to Netflix by the end of 2023, and is most likely to be released sometime in Q4. For the past several years Netflix has made a habit out of dropping some of its biggest shows at Christmas, so subscribers could be enjoying Christmas dinner with a side helping of Bridgerton season 3.

Bridgerton (Season 4) N

Episodes: 8*
Era Set: Regency | Runtime: 57-72 Minutes
Cast: Adjoa Andoh, Julie Andrews, Lorraine Ashbourne, Nicola Coughlan, Jonathan Bailey
Netflix Release Date: TBA

Bridgerton Season 4 Historical Dramas Coming To Netflix In 2023 And Beyond

Netflix has so much faith in the popularity of Bridgerton that the series has already been renewed for a fourth season. Considering every new season of Bridgerton focuses on the romance of one of the Bridgerton children, there are still plenty of seasons ahead of us before Bridgerton comes to an end on Netflix.

The Club (Season 2) N

Episodes: 8
Era Set: 60’s Istanbul| Runtime: 55 Minutes
Cast: Gökçe Bahadir, Baris Arduç, Asude Kalebek, Salih Bademci, Firat Tanis
Netflix Release Date: TBA

The Club Season 1 Historical Dramas Coming To Netflix In 2023 And Beyond

According to the Turkish news site, En Son HaberThe Club has been renewed for a second season, with eight brand new episodes.

The Crown (Season 6) N

Episodes: 10
Era Set: Reign of Queen Elizabeth II | Runtime: 47-61 Minutes
Cast: Imelda Staunton, Jonathan Pryce, Lesley Manville, Dominic West, Jonny Lee Miller
Netflix Release Date: TBA

The Crown Historical Dramas Coming To Netflix In 2023 And Beyond

After six incredible seasons, The Crown will finally come to an end on Netflix. The series has been one of the streaming service’s best, winning numerous accolades, including Emmys wins for actresses Claire Foy and Olivia Colman for their portrayals of Queen Elizabeth II. With the final season set to be one of the most dramatic to date, we may see Imelda Staunton make it a hat trick of Emmy wins for the lead actresses.

A release date has yet to be announced, however, if the series follows the trend from the previous five seasons then we would expect to see season 6 on Netflix before the end of 2023.

The Empress (Season 2) N

Episodes: 6
Era Set: Reign of Franz Joseph I | Runtime: 45 Minutes
Cast: Devrim Lingnau, Philip Froissant, Melika Foroutan, Johannes Nussbaum, Elisa Schlott
Netflix Release Date: TBA

The Empress Season 2 Historical Dramas Coming To Netflix In 2023 And Beyond

The Empress impressed audiences from around the world, making it one of the most successful German originals on Netflix to date. Set during the reign of Fran Joseph I of Austria, the series focuses on the early years of his marriage to Elisabeth von Wittlesbach. With many years of their reign left to cover, we could be in store for a few more incredible seasons.

Eva Lasting (Season 2) N

Episodes: 13
Era Set: 1970s Colombia | Runtime: 42 Minutes
Cast: Francesca Estevez, Cecilia Navia, Isa Garcia, Emmanuel Restrepo, Verónica Orozco
Netflix Release Date: TBA

Eva Lasting Season 2 Historical Dramas Coming To Netflix In 2023 And Beyond

Eva Lasting failed to make a significant impact in English-speaking countries, however, across Latin America the series performed exceptionally well, making it into the top ten lists of nearly all of the South American nations with the major exceptions being Argentina, Brazil, and Uruguay.

The series was renewed incredibly fast, which suggests that Netflix had already greenlit a second season before it was released.

Gyeongseong Creature (Season 2) N

Episodes: TBA
Era Set: WW2 | Runtime: TBA
Cast: Park Seo Joon, Han So Hee, Kim Su Hyun, Kim Hae Sook, Jo Han Chul
Netflix Release Date: 2024

We already have confirmation that Gyeongseong Creature has been renewed and will return for a second season in 2024!

Kleo (Season 2) N

Episodes: 8
Era Set: Unification of Germany | Runtime: 48-60 Minutes
Cast: Jella Haase, Dimitrij Schaad, Julius Feldmeier, Vincent Redetzki ,
Netflix Release Date: TBA

Kleo Season1 Historical Dramas Coming To Netflix In 2023 And Beyond

Arguably the most modern “historical” drama on this list, however when you remember that the start of the 90s was officially over 33 years ago, shows set in the decade can begin to fall under the period drama list. A revenge thriller, it just goes to show that series such as Kleo and South Korea’s The Glory prove that the language barrier can be cast aside for a great story.

Vikings Valhalla (Season 3) N

Episodes: 8
Era Set: Viking Age | Runtime: 50 Minutes
Cast: Sam Corlett, Frida Gustavsson, Leo Suter, Bradley Freegard, Jóhannes Haukur Jóhannesson
Netflix Release Date: 2024

Vikings Valhalla Season 4 Historical Dramas Coming To Netflix In 2023 And Beyond

Vikings Valhalla, The spin-off sequel to the History Channel’s epic tale of Rathgar Lodbrok and his sons, will return for at least one more season. The numbers for the second season were disappointing, however, we’re hoping to see a resurgence in the third, and most likely final season of Vikings Valhalla on Netflix.

Historical Dramas in Development/In Production

American Primeval (Limited Series) N

Episodes: 6
Era Set: American Wild West| Runtime: TBA
Cast: Betty Gilpin, Dane DeHaan, Shea Wingham, Taylor Kitsch, Joe Tippett
Netflix Release Date: TBA

Shows such as Longmire and Godless are available on Netflix, and Paramount’s modern Western drama Yellowstone proves that the genre is growing in popularity once more. Set at the “birth of the American West’ the ensemble cast of Netflix’s limited series will surely pack a punch with audiences.

The violent collisions of cultures, religions and communities as men and women fight and die for control of this new world – for a land they truly believe is their destiny. The ensemble tells a story of the sacrifice all must pay when they choose to enter a lawless and untamed wilderness.

The Decameron (Season 1) N

Episodes: 8
Era Set: 1300s Italy | Runtime: TBA
Cast: Saoirse-Monica Jackson, Tony Hale, Zosia Mamet, Amar Chadha-Patel, Tanya Reynolds
Netflix Release Date: TBA

Kathleen Jordan and Jenji Kohan team up for a second time on Netflix for a brand new and exciting period drama starring Derry Girls actress Saoirse-Monica Jackson.

The eight-episode drama takes place in 1348, as the Black Death strikes hard in the city of Florence. A handful of nobles are invited to retreat with their servants to a grand villa in the Italian countryside and wait out the pestilence with a lavish holiday. But as social rules wear thin, what starts as a wine-soaked sex romp in the hills of Tuscany descends into an all-out scramble for survival.

Ripley (Season 1) N

Episodes: 8
Era Set: 60s New York | Runtime: TBA
Cast: Andrew Scott, Johnny Flynn, Dakota Fanning
Netflix Release Date: TBA

Previously a Showtime drama, Ripley has found itself a new home on Netflix. The eight-episode drama is based on Patricia Highsmith’s popular crime novel The Talented Mr. Ripley and will star Fleabottom and Sherlock star Andrew Scott, Stardust actor Johnny Flynn, and American actress Dakota Fanning.

Untitled Front Populaire miniseries

Episodes: TBA
Era Set: 1930s France | Runtime: TBA
Cast: TBA
Netflix Release Date: TBA

Front Populaire was the political movement of French left-wing politics that saw five political parties from the left form an alliance to combat the rise of fascism in Europe.


Episodes: TBA
Era Set: 70s/80s | Runtime: TBA
Cast: TBA
Netflix Release Date: TBA

Glenn Burke Miniseries Historical Dramas Coming To Netflix In 2023 And Beyond

Glenn Burke played Major League Baseball for the Los Angeles Dodgers, and Oakland Athletics in the 1970s. He is famously the first MLB player to come out as gay, which he announced after he retired from playing. Burke was an inspiration for gay sportsmen, even after retiring he continued to be active in the sports community with track, basketball, and softball. Sadly he would die from AIDS-related causes in 1995.

Untitled Marlene Dietrich series

Episodes: TBA
Era Set: 20th Century | Runtime: TBA
Cast: TBA
Netflix Release Date: TBA

Marlene Dietrich Miniseries Historical Dramas Coming To Netflix In 2023 And Beyond

One of the most famous actresses from the golden age of Hollywood, starring in multiple films by Josef von Sternberg such s The Blue Angel, Morroco, Shanghai Express, The Scarlet Express, and more. During WW2 Dietrich was one of the most vocal and politically active against Nazi Germany. Throughout the war, she would donate hundreds of thousands of dollars to help aid Jews in their escape from Nazi-occupied Europe. In 1939 she renounced her German citizenship and became an American citizen.

Which historical drama are you looking forward to watching on Netflix? Let us know in the comments below!