Song of the Bandits Netflix K-Drama Sets September 2023 Release: What We Know So Far

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Filming recently concluded for the upcoming K-drama series, Song of the Bandits. However, with filming due to come to an end soon, we expect to see the series on Netflix sometime in 2023. Here’s everything we know so far about Song of the Bandits on Netflix.

Song of the Bandits is an upcoming South Korean Netflix Original drama series written by screenwriter Han Jung Hoon (Bad Guys), and directed by Hwang Joon Hyuk (Black Dog).

Studio Dragon is distributing the title alongside Netflix with Urban Works and Baram Pictures, the two production companies behind the title.

When is the Netflix release date for Song of the Bandits?

Netflix has yet to officially announce the Song of the Bandits release date beyond when it confirmed the series was one of the titles in the K-Content lineup for 2023. They since have clarified that it’s expected in Q3 2023.

What’s on Netflix can reveal, however, that Netflix is eying to release Song of the Bandits on September 22nd, 2023. 

You can find more on what’s set to arrive on Netflix in September 2023 here.

What is the plot of Song of the Bandits?

Here’s the official logline for the new series courtesy of Netflix:

“An action adventure set in the tumultuous period of Japanese colonial rule over Korea about a group of people who, for various reasons, end up in the lawless land of Gando and become united in protecting Joseon for the Korean people. Anticipation runs high for the intense drama that will unfold as different groups with their respective motives — including Japanese troops, the Korean Independence Army, hitmen, bandits, and Joseon migrants — face one another in the anarchic land of Gando during the 1920s.”

A small teaser for the series can also be found on the official Netflix page for the K-drama.

Who are the cast members of Song of the Bandits?

Kim Nam Gil will portray the role of Lee Yoon. The actor is known for his work in K-dramas such as Pandora, The Shameless, and The Fiery Priest. However, his role in Song of the Bandits will be his official Netflix debut in a drama series.

Song Of The Bandits Season 1 Netflix K Drama Kim Nam Gil

Kim Nam Gil (left) and his role as Jae Hyeok in Pandora (right)

Seo Hyun will portray the role of Nam Hee Shin. Like her co-star Kim Nam Gil, Seo Hyun will also be making her Netflix Original debut in Song of the Bandits. The former Girls Generation pop star is best known for starring in the on-stage Korean adaptations of Gone with the Wind and Mamma Mia!.

Song Of The Bandits Season 1 Netflix K Drama Seo Hyun

Seo Hyun (left) and her on-stage performance in the Korean adaptation of Gone with the Wind (right)

Yoo Jae Myung will portray the role of Choi Choon Soo. Having starred in multiple Netflix Original shows, to date Song of the Bandit will be the actor’s 10th appearance for Netflix. Choi Choon Soo previously starred in Itaewon Class, Vincenzo, Juvenile Justice, and The Sound of Magic.

Song Of The Bandits Season 1 Netflix K Drama Yoo Jae Myung

Yoo Jae Myung (left) and his role as Hong Yoo Chan in Vincenzo (right)

Lee Hyun Wook will portray the role of Lee Kwang Il. Netflix subscribers will be somewhat familiar with his work having starred in originals such as Mine, Remarriage and Desires, and #Alive. Outside of Netflix, Lee Hyun Wook is known for his work on Search, She Would Never Know, and Strangers from Hell.

Song Of The Bandits Season 1 Netflix K Drama Lee Hyun Wook

Lee Hyun Wook (left) and his role as Lee Sang Chul in #Alive (right)

Lee Ho Jung will portray the role of Eon Nyeon Yi. So far, the only Netflix series Lee Ho Jung has starred in was Nevertheless, in the supporting role of Yoon Sol. Outside of Netflix, Lee Ho Jung has starred in dramas such as Flower Ever After, Night Light, and Jinxed At First.

Song Of The Bandits Season 1 Netflix K Drama Lee Ho Jung

Lee Ho Jung (left) and her role as Yoon Sol in Nevertheless (right)

The only confirmed supporting cast member is Kim Seol Jin, who plays the role of Kimura.

What is the production status of Song of the Bandits?

Official Production Status: Post-Production (Last Updated: 17/11/2022)

Filming for Song of the Bandits began in Mid-March 2022, and finally came to an end on December 16th, 2022. The drama will now spend several months in post-production before we see a teaser or trailer.

What is the episode count of Song of the Bandits?

The new series is expected to be 12 episodes in total.

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