‘Lost & Found Music Studios’ Leaving Netflix in December 2021

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lost and found music studios leaving netflix

Lost & Found Music Studios – Picture: Family Channel

Labeled as a Netflix Original, the Canadian musical-drama series aimed at kids Lost & Found Music Studios is set to leave Netflix in the United States and around the globe in December 2021. 

Produced by Temple Street Productions and Beachwood Canyon Productions, the Canadian series aired on Family Channel before getting added to Netflix in the US (and eventually globally) as a Netflix Original.

27 episodes were released in total with all available on Netflix for the past 5 years. Among the cast included Jeni Ross who has since gone on to appear in No Escape Room and Keara Graves who appeared in Netflix’s Grand Army (sadly canceled). Also among the cast included Trevor Tordjman, Tony Nappo, A.C. Peterson, Elizabeth Whitmere, and Victoria Baldesarra.

Now having streamed on Netflix in most regions in some form since 2016, the series is coming up for renewal and it looks like Netflix has opted not to have the show stream moving forward despite the fact it carries Netflix Original branding.

Both seasons of Lost & Found Music Studios are currently showing removal dates for December 3rd, 2021 meaning your last full day to catch the show on Netflix is December 2nd. We should note that removal notices are not currently showing for Netflix in Canada or the United Kingdom.

Why is Lost & Found Music Studios leaving Netflix?

So why is a Netflix Original leaving Netflix? We’ve discussed this at length before as it represents a bit of a problem with Netflix’s library in future years. Essentially, there are several types of Netflix Original and this one falls into the exclusive international licensed category. That means although Netflix carries the show exclusively, it doesn’t do so indefinitely.

For more on what’s leaving Netflix in the US check out our full list of movies and TV shows set to depart. We also have roundups for other regions including Canada, the UK, and Australia too.

In terms of a good replacement show, you probably can already guess what we’re going to suggest. Julie and the Phantoms is incredibly similar given it’s also a musical series. We’d also suggest giving Go Live Your Own Way a spin if you haven’t already too.

Will you miss Lost & Found Music Studios when it leaves Netflix? Let us know in the comments.

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