Spanish Series Velvet Leaving Netflix in March 2020

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Velvet Netflix

Velvet – Picture: Antena 3

All four seasons of the Spanish hit period drama series Velvet are currently due to leave Netflix around the world on March 1st, 2020. Here’s why it’s leaving, whether the follow up will also depart and what to watch next.

Set in 1950s Spain, this period drama followed the heir to a fashion house who romances with a seamstress. It features the talents of Miguel Ángel Silvestre who is also seen in Netflix’s Sense8 and Narcos series.

The incredibly popular series follows a recent trend of Spanish shows doing well on Netflix around the world. The biggest example is Money Heist which originated from the same network as Velvet, Antena 3.

Why is Neflix losing Velvet?

As with all removals and additions to Netflix, it’s all down to licensing. Netflix pays essentially for the rental for titles on its service (unless it owns them) and they’re often for fixed periods of time. In this instance, the licensing deal comes up for renewal on March 1st, 2020. If Netflix or Antena 3 decides not to renew, the series departs from the service.

The regions that are currently set to lose Velvet include the United States of America, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, India, Australia, Canada, South Korea and many more. Notably, Romania, Portugal, Turkey, Argentina, and Belgium aren’t currently showing a removal date for the moment.

March 2020 is also set to see lots of PBS documentaries leave but as always, you can see what’s leaving from Netflix right here on What’s on Netflix.

Will Velvet Colleccion leave Netflix?

It’s likely that Velvet Collecion, which serves as the follow-up series will eventually leave but probably not for several years. Most regions of Netflix only got the series added back in early 2018 whereas Velvet first got added to Netflix in early 2016. Given this schedule, we could see Velvet Collecion removed from Netflix in 2022 if they’re on similar licensing arrangements.

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