What is Adam Sandler’s second Netflix Movie? It’s Called ‘The Do-Over’

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So the Adam Sandler deal with Netflix has kicked off to a good start in some respects and with three more movies on the way we’re looking ahead to Adam Sandler’s second movie for Netflix. The first movie, The Ridiculous 6, has been crucified in most reviews for it been lacklustre, mildly offensive and just pretty poor. With that said – there is a large audience who loved the movie. I, myself thought it was one of the better Sandler movies in recent years but with that said, anything is better than his recent catalogue of movies.

Adam Sandler appeared on the Stern show yesterday and spoke about the deal with Netflix and even revealed some new details about the second movie he’s working on for the streaming service that’s called ‘The Do-Over’.

What we know is that filming completed during the summer of this year meaning that it’s actually on track to arrive on Netflix sometime during 2016 which could mean we’re getting Sandler movies for the next 4 years straight.

He also went into more details as to why Netflix chose him and Happy Madison production to produce exclusive movies for the show. He stated that Ted Sarandos, chose Adam Sandler because his movies on the service are among the most watched and favorited on the service.

What We Know About ‘The Do-Over’

The Plot

The movie has been written by Kevin Barnett and Chris Pappas. Kevin Barnett has written Top Five, Friends of People (2014) and was a regular contributor to The Eric Andre Show. Chris Pappas is the creator of the TV series, Unhitched.

In the movie two guys who are at the end and in lots of trouble assume the identity of two other individuals only to find out they’re deeper in the dirt than their own selves.

The Cast

Here is the current cast known to be appearing in The Do-Over:

  • Adam Sandler
  • Paula Patton
  • David Spade
  • Nick Swardson
  • Luis Guzmán
  • Jared Sandler
  • Renée Taylor
  • Torsten Voges
  • Marisol Corrae
  • Scott Christopher Kelly
  • Timothy Douglas Perez
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