Are Seasons 1-6 of ‘This Is Us’ on Netflix?

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are seasons 1 6 of this is us on netflix

This is Us – Picture: NBC

This Is Us will be returning for its sixth and final season in January 2022 and while some regions of Netflix receive This Is Us, many do not. Here’s a roundup what Netflix regions have This Is Us and where you can stream it if it’s not available.

The NBC drama will soon be coming to an end and it’ll be a big loss for the network given it quickly became a ratings juggernaut as it told the story of triplets and their new parents. It’s a tear-jerker and also contains plenty of laughs too. The series averaged well over 10 million viewers in the United States which is relatively rare given how many services, networks, and mediums vie for our attention.

This Is Us first debuted on NBC back in 2016 with new seasons releasing every September. This year, the series has seen a slight delay with new episodes airing from October 27th, 2020 onwards. The series was given a huge three-season upfront order with it renewed through to season 6.

That time is now up though with season 6 due to premiere on January 4th, 2022.

Why This Is Us isn’t on Netflix in the United States

Let’s begin with This is Us on Netflix in the United States.

While NBC has licensed a number of shows to Netflix in recent years like Good Girls and The Good Place getting regular yearly updates, that hasn’t been the case with This Is Us.

Despite NBC being the network broadcasting the show, it’s important to note the series is actually produced and distributed by 20th Century Fox. As you may remember, Fox pulled out of their contract with Netflix in 2017 meaning that no new or old titles (with few exceptions) would come to Netflix.

That includes This Is Us too which is unlikely to ever come to Netflix US.

Instead, you’ll have to look away from Netflix and although NBC has released Peacock since we last updated this guide, the streaming rights (likely to last for the lifetime of the series) are still with Hulu which is where seasons 1-5 are streaming as of the time of writing.

Looking into the future, we could see the series available on Peacock but only after the show has wrapped and a number of years after it wraps.

This Is Us – Picture: NBCUniversal / 20th Century Fox

Netflix Canada is the only region that gets new seasons of This Is Us

That’s right, Netflix does stream This Is Us but only in one region of the world.

Netflix Canada is the recipient of a few 20th Century distributed shows including This Is Us.

New seasons have always arrived exactly a year after they begin airing meaning seasons 1-5 are currently on Netflix CA with season 6 of This Is Us expected to arrive on Netflix in January 2023.

What about Netflix Australia and Netflix in the United Kingdom?

Sadly, neither Australia or the UK are streaming This Is Us either.

For those in the United Kingdom, the show resides exclusively on Amazon Prime but it’s worth noting that it’s particularly slow at updating new seasons.

Likewise, Australians only can stream the show on Amazon Prime too but only has the first season available at the time of writing.

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