Are Seasons 1-6 of ‘Vikings’ on Netflix?

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The sixth and final season of Vikings has begun, and one of the largest questions on the lips of subscribers is “are seasons 1 to 6 of Vikings on Netflix??”. Sadly this isn’t the case… yet but we are hopeful that Vikings will be coming to Netflix in the near future. The historical drama is available on Netflix in plenty of other regions and here’s where you can stream them.

Vikings is a historical drama created by Michael Hirst for the history channel. The series is based upon the Norse sagas of Ragnar Lodbrok, a legendary Scandanavian king that paved the way for the Viking age in Europe. Vikings has been extremely popular since its debut in 2013, with many disappointed that the series will come to and after six seasons.

Are Seasons 1-6 of Vikings on Netflix US?

At the time of writing Vikings is still not available to stream on Netflix. The historical-drama is available to stream on Amazon Prime and Hulu where episodes will arrive the following day after airing on the History Channel.

It’s unclear how long Hulu and Amazon Prime have the license to Vikings for. When the license to Vikings is available, Netflix will certainly be putting their hand in to acquire the series, this is because of Vikings is the prequel to the upcoming Netflix Original series Vikings: Valhalla.

Is Vikings on Netflix in other regions?

Vikings is currently available to stream on Netflix in twenty-two different regions:

Regions Seasons Episode Total
Argentina 5 69
Brazil 5 69
Czech Republic 5 69
Greece 5 69
Hong Kong 5 69
Hungary 5 69
Israel 5 69
Italy 5 69
Lithuania 5 69
Mexico 5 69
Poland 5 69
Romania 5 69
Russia 5 69
Singapore 5 69
Slovakia 5 69
South Korea 5 69
Spain 5 69
Switzerland 5 69
Thailand 5 69
Australia 5 59
India 5 59
South Africa 5 59

In the United Kingdom, Vikings is available to stream exclusively on Amazon Prime. Season 6 will also be available through Prime but it’s unknown when the license will end. With the addition of spin-off Vikings: Valhalla arriving in the future, Netflix will definitely look to license Vikings for the UK.

Canadians with access to the History Channel can stream the latest episodes of Vikings. Now that Vikings: Valhalla has been announced it’s likely Vikings will be coming to Netflix Canada in the future.

Series similar to Vikings on Netflix

The most obvious choice is The Last Kingdom, but there are some other excellent series to choose from on Netflix:

Would you like to see Vikings streaming in your region? Let us know in the comments below!

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