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The road to getting to a third season of Black Mirror looks to have become a little bit clearer as Channel 4 in the UK has dropped the show meaning it has now become a full global Netflix Original.

If you’ve never seen Black Mirror before then you absolutely should and better yet, you can finish it all in an afternoon. It comes from the brilliant mind of Charlie Brooker who is more known for his comedy but Black Mirror was his attempt at creating something a little more adventurous and it worked. The thought-provoking two seasons along with a Christmas special gives you an insight to a twisted future with each episode plunging you into a new scenario with different characters and a different concept at play.

A new season was announced to be in production with a lot more episodes than the previous two seasons which were limited to three episodes a series. It’s also likely to have a much bigger budget given the involvement of Netflix and the fact there’s a much more global audience to cater for. 12 episodes are confirmed for season 3 of Black Mirror. When will season 3 of Black Mirror be on Netflix though? That’s yet to be decided although the end of 2016 or the first few months of 2017 are looking likely right now. Netflix today released a brand new teaser trailer for the show.

The show was renewed last year with the original UK channel, Channel 4, still very much involved and would hold the exclusive rights to play the show before anyone else, including Netflix streaming. That deal seems to now have lapsed or melted down by the sounds of it, meaning the show will now become a full-fledged global Netflix Original. The Gaurdian notes that the whole ordeal between Channel 4, Netflix and the production company Endemol Shine has gotten quite messy with finger pointing from all sides as to where the negotiations broke down.

In a statement, Endemol Shine said: “It is unfortunate that having explored every avenue with Channel 4 an agreement was not able to be reached.” We recommend you read the full Gaurdian report to get a clearer (maybe not) understanding on what’s going on behind the scenes.

What does this mean for everyone else? That Netflix will be getting first dibs on the show and may even release every single episode at once rather than having to waiting weekly for new episodes – like peasants. That’s great news and although many argue that Channel 4 would never sensor the program, you can almost guarantee that Netflix won’t.

If anything else happens, we’ll let you know.

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