‘Black Mirror’ Season 7: Everything We Know So Far

Netflix has still yet to confirm the seventh season but episodes have already been filmed with Netflix France accidentally confirming the new season.

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black mirror renewed for season 7 netflix

Black Mirror season 6 promotion – Picture: Netflix

Black Mirror, after three years, finally returned to Netflix for a sixth season in the summer of 2023, but what about the future? Will we see Black Mirror return for season 7? Could we see more spin-offs? Netflix France first confirmed the series was renewed, and that’s now been backed up by the trades. Here’s what we know. 

As we wrote about in our season 6 guide, the road to getting Black Mirror back on Netflix wasn’t easy. The show is ultimately still not owned by Netflix, and the duo behind the show are no longer with the company that owns the rights. Nevertheless, Black Mirror returned for five episodes, including Beyond the Sea, Mazey Day, Joan is Awful, Loch Henry, and Demon 79 on June 15th, 2023.

Has Black Mirror Season 7 been renewed or canceled?

Black Mirror will be returning for a seventh season but has yet to be officially announced by Netflix, which is still declining to comment publicly on the future of the show.

However, we finally got word of the renewal on November 21st, 2023.  Across two Tweets, Netflix France (who has a history of dropping news before it’s ready) walked you through all the shows returning for new seasons. In the second Tweet, which was quickly deleted, they confirm that more Black Mirror is on the way with the translated text reading:

“We forgot two announcements and not just any two announcments: Love, Death & Robots S4 and Black Mirror S7, coming soon, too!”

We’ve embedded the picture of the two Tweets below:

black mirror season 7 announced netflix france

The now-deleted Tweet from Netflix France.

A representative for Netflix declined to comment, but Deadline and Variety “exclusively” confirmed our reporting that the show is returning soon after.

Broke & Bones, the production company run by Charlie Brooker and Annabel Jones, also has another project currently in the works for Netflix. Toxic Town is their next new drama coming to Netflix, which has been in production through much of the latter half of 2023 and is likely set to arrive in 2024. Jessica Rhoades will be attached to the new episodes of Black Mirror under her production company, Pacesetter Productions, which began working with Netflix on the project for season 6.

Other output from the production company includes Attack of the Hollywood Cliches! Plus Death to 2021 and 2020, Cunk on Earth, and the interactive animated special Cat Burglar.

We had heard rumblings of an additional project by Broke & Bones Production, with numerous mentions scattered around the web for a new 5-episode series being worked on since September 2023 with the working title “HAVEN GREEN.” Season 6 was developed under the codename of RED BOOK.

haven green linkedin profile

The first episode of Season 7 began filming in late November 2023 and wrapped just before Christmas. We do have more info, such as the plot and cast on episode 1, which looks to be codenamed Haven Green, but we will reveal that later.

USS Callister Spinoff Series Too?

In 2021, we started getting word that a spinoff episode or series was in development for the Emmy-winning episode starring Jesse Plemons. In 2024, we’re hearing that the project is moving forward to the point where it’s eying a production start in Spring 2024.

We’ve got more in our full report, but our understanding is that most of the original cast is due to return for the spin-off, which consists of 3 episodes.

Who will be directing in Black Mirror Season 7?

Toby Haynes David Slade Directors Black Mirror Season 7

Pictured Toby Haynes and David Slade

Toby Haynes, director of Demon 79 and USS Callister, is confirmed to be returning to the series as director in season 7. We understand he’s directing episode 1 of the series. In addition, we’re also hearing he’s signed up for the USS Callister spinoff series.

In addition, we’re hearing that David Slade will be returning to direct in Black Mirror season 7, specifically on episode 2. He’s no stranger to the Black Mirror franchise, having worked on Bandersnatch and season 4’s Metalhead.

What was the performance of Season 6 of Black Mirror on Netflix?

The show is still a top performer for Netflix, with the global top 10s painting a strong picture for renewal.

The show featured in the global Netflix top 10s for four weeks, picking up 163.80 million hours watched. Here’s how its hourly viewing figures breaks down week-to-week:

Week Period Hours Viewed(M) Rank Week in Top 10
June 11th, 2023 to June 18th, 2023 58,700,000 2 1
June 18th, 2023 to June 25th, 2023 60,400,000 (+3%) 1 2
June 25th, 2023 to July 2nd, 2023 28,000,000 (-54%) 2 3
July 2nd, 2023 to July 9th, 2023 16,700,000 (-40%) 5 4

As you can see below from the chart of 2023 premieres for TV shows with green marking renewed titles and red indicating cancelations, the show had a pretty good at getting renewed with 25.8 million completed viewing equivalents in the first 14 days on the service, putting it above Virgin River season 5a and just behind FUBAR.

renewal chart netflix 2023

CVE for Netflix Shows – First 14 Days

Could we get other Black Mirror Spin-offs?

Spin-offs could still be on the cards for Black Mirror, too.

You may recall that in 2021, we reported on hearing about a sequel spin-off to one of the season 3 episodes, USS Callister, possibly getting another entry. The director of said episode did return for season 5 alongside Aaron Paul (who made a brief cameo at the end of USS Callister), but since that initial report, things have gone quiet.

Another avenue for exploration is Red Mirror, the label introduced for the final episode of season 5. As Brooker explained to the RadioTimes, the label leans more heavily into horror than technology, calling it “different-from-yet-adjacent-to.” The writer also told the outlet that we could see more from the label headed into the future.

We’ll keep you on top of all the renewal news for Black Mirror the second we learn more. Until then, let us know in the comments below if you’re excited about another season of Black Mirror.

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