Bordertown is Leaving Netflix in March 2018

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The final animated show from Fox will be departing Netflix in March meaning that only a few shows remain on Netflix from the Fox library. Bordertown will be removed from Netflix on March 31st, 2018. This removal date only applies to Netflix users in the United States. 

Although the series only broadcasted for a single season back in 2016, the series was still added to Netflix where it currently holds many positive reviews. The series has a lot of parallels with Family Guy and American Dad as it shares one of the writers and is also had Seth MacFarlane as an executive producer on the credits.

The series followed two families that live next to each other on the border with Mexico. The show was canceled after the first season which is unsurprising given the ratings and review scores the show attracted. The main reason we’ve featured this news story is that it marks the end of an era of Fox animated shows on Netflix.

Archer, a show from Fox’s sister station FX, will also be removed from March 2018. The removal of that series is likely to turn more heads than Bordertown. Bordertown follows Family Guy, American Dad!, The Cleveland Show and Futurama which have all left next over the past year.

Where can you watch Bordertown now?

Fox has moved most of its library over to Hulu and that already includes Bordertown. You can currently watch the full first season of the series on there.

Netflix is making significant strides to fill in the gap left by Fox shows leaving although there’s a lot of work to do. We’ve summarised the best of the animated sitcoms left on Netflix which consists of mainly Netflix Originals.

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