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Breaking Bad

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Holy s***, better hang on to your butts because the *Breaking Bad* ‘movie’ is coming to Netflix! Rumors had circulated late in 2018 that a project was in development, but we can finally confirm it’s coming. We have some further details on the upcoming project below!

Officially confirmed by news sources, *Breaking Bad* is confirmed to be returning in the near future. Now, we are led to believe the show’s return is coming in the form of a movie. Due to how well-hidden details on the project are, the actual format is yet to be confirmed.

If you haven’t heard of *Breaking Bad*, then I would assume you’ve been living under a rock! Between the years 2008 and 2013, the crime drama fast became one of the most popular TV shows in the past couple of decades. Winning numerous prestigious awards, the series is phenomenal and arguably one of the best watches you can experience.

Is the *Breaking Bad* ‘Movie’ a Sequel?

The ‘movie’ is believed to be a sequel that takes place soon after the events of the finale. A synopsis for the project was logged in the Albuquerque Journal last year and has been described as such:

The plot follows the escape of a kidnapped man and his quest for freedom.

This would practically all but confirm Jesse Pinkman, thus the return of Aaron Paul!

Aaron Paul as Jesse Pinkman – Copyright AMC and Netflix

Will the Breaking Bad ‘Movie’ come to Netflix?

As we hyped above, it has been confirmed that the *Breaking Bad* ‘Movie’ will be coming to Netflix. With AMC, the owners of *Breaking Bad*, it is unclear if the ‘movie’ will be airing on their network in the US first and will arrive on Netflix US at a later date. This would make sense, as this would follow the trend set by *Breaking Bad* and *Better Call Saul*.

As for the rest of the world, the ‘Movie’ will arrive as an Original.

Will Bryan Cranston be returning to *Breaking Bad*?

As we’ve discussed, the details are scarce. We cannot confirm just yet if the infamous Walter White will be returning to *Breaking Bad*! Considering how *Breaking Bad* ended, Walter’s fate is yet to be confirmed… Therefore, any return, albeit in the form of flashbacks, will be more than welcome.

Reminisce with some of *Breaking Bad*’s best moments.

Will the *Breaking Bad* ‘Movie’ be split into two halves?

Deadline has reported that they’ve heard it will be feature-length. If the project is being released as a movie or a miniseries has not been confirmed. Logically, it may make sense for the story to be split across two separate episodes. Not to mention, fans will eat up as much as can be given!

There is also the potential that Netflix may receive the ‘movie’ first before it is released on Netflix. This would be a very interesting development and a big role reversal for the two networks.

Creator and Director Vince Gilligan is well known for acknowledging Netflix’s contribution to the success of the show. This may have swung in Netflix’s favor, and arguably, this will be one of the biggest releases of this year or 2020.

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