Season 2 of ‘Chelsea Does’ Won’t Be Happening But There’s Good News

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Chelsea Handler in 2016 whether you like it or not, is become the poster child for Netflix. It started in January with a docu-series called Chelsea Does and continues on May 11th when she’ll be presenting her new talk show, Chelsea three times a week indefinitely. The former docu-series had a lot of positivity leading some to ask whether it’ll return for a second series. The answer is no and here’s why and how we know.

Yesterday, on a bizarre live (?) stream watched by over 5,000 people, Chelsea took questions from the internet about various things about her new talk show but also fielded one question regarding the state of Chelsea Does. Josh Langford from Facebook asked “What happened to Chelsea Does? We need more episodes?” to which Chelsea replies with “Chelsea Does was used as a bridge to inform viewers of what I’m doing on the new show.” She then went onto add “If you like Chelsea Does you will like the new show, that’s the direction I’m heading in.”

There you have it there will not be a Chelsea Does Season 2. That’s a shame as it was informative and entertaining but what we suspect, given her statements above, is to expect shorter segments featured on the new show where she covers similar topics in the same fashion. We also know that the show is going to be guest heavy, likely promoting other Netflix Originals on the service as a priority but not only that, contain a lot of the segments which were known and loved from her E! show back in the day.

Chelsea starts on Netflix on May 11th where new episodes will be releasing on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays meaning there’ll be over 90 shows a year on the service. It’s one heck of a schedule and a bold new path for Netflix to be taking. We can’t wait to see what becomes of it.

Wondering who will be the first guest on Chelsea? So were we and we did some digging as to who it could be. You can go check out our findings here.

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