Classic Sitcom ‘Reba’ Coming to Netflix For The First Time In May 2024

Another classic sitcom is bound for Netflix but in the case of Reba, it'll be the first time it's ever streamed.

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Reba Series Coming To Netflix In May 2024

Picture: 20th Century Fox Television

Netflix US is continuing its licensing campaign into 2024, with news from late last year that a slew of Disney-owned shows are coming to the streaming service this year. Among the announced titles was Reba, a classic sitcom that aired throughout the 2000s.

Created by Allison M. Gibson, the sitcom, led by Reba McEntire, spanned six seasons and a total of 127 episodes. Although it has not been the most discussed sitcom in recent years, this is primarily attributed to its being overshadowed by the vast Hulu library.

The story follows a family from Texas undergoing a period of turmoil marked by affairs and unwanted pregnancies. Alongside McEntire, the show features Christopher Rich, Joanna García, Steve Howey, and Scarlett Pomers.

Based on our records, the show has never streamed on Netflix. That will soon change. Seasons 1 through 6 of Reba are coming to Netflix in May 2024, with the expected arrival date set for May 6th.

If you’re thinking, “But wait, wasn’t Reba a show that aired on The WB (later renamed to The CW)?” you’d be correct. However, the title is coming to Netflix because of the show’s distributor and production company, 20th Century Fox Television. In the same way that Warner Bros. owns Friends despite initially airing on NBC, it’s down to Disney, who purchased 20th Century back in 2019, where the show goes.

It is coming to Netflix as part of a Disney deal announced last December, which brings 14 shows from Disney and its various subsidiaries to the streamer. Other sitcoms coming to Netflix include the beloved series starring Neil Patrick Harris, How I Met Your Mother, which returns to Netflix after seven years. We’ll also see other titles from the Disney library drop, including Lost, Prison Break, and The Bernie Mac Show.

The timely addition to Netflix comes as Reba McEntire has a new show set up at NBC, which sees her reuniting with Reba executive producers Kevin Abbott, Michael Hanel, and Mindy Schultheis.

Will Reba be on Netflix internationally?

Now, it’s important to note we only have confirmation of a US release for Reba so far.

It’s our understanding that there are no current plans to bring Reba to Netflix outside the United States. All the announced Disney titles coming to the streamer are specifically for the States, although we wouldn’t rule it out ever coming elsewhere. Reba was more of a US hit back in the day, so demand is likely a lot less abroad (I must confess I hadn’t heard of it until Netflix’s acquisition being a Brit!).

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Are you looking forward to rewatching or watching Reba for the first time on Netflix? Let us know in the comments.

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