Disney+ will launch with only 13% of Netflix’s library total

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Disney+ is set to launch in the United States and a few other select regions later in November 2019 and we thought we’d stack up the two libraries against each other in terms of pure numbers. That’s how we’ve managed to total that Disney+ will launch with under 13% of Netflix’s total library count. 

As of the time of publishing, Netflix has a total of 5,780 titles in its library. That’s spread across the various movies, TV series, stand-up specials and any other type of programming it carries.

Disney+ at launch is expected to have 734 titles according to a list of everything coming to Disney+ from D23. That list represents pretty much the complete library of titles from Disney.

When you put the libraries against each other, Netflix comes up on top in terms of pure numbers with Disney+ only having 12.69% of Netflix’s library.

If you were to compare Netflix Originals vs Disney+’s library then things start to get more interesting. At the time of publishing, Netflix has 1,339 Originals on the platform.

Remember, this number is purely in the United States. With that said, most regions of Netflix are pretty consistent in terms of library numbers nowadays so they can be broadly applied globally.

Does Netflix or Disney+ have more Originals planned in the future?

Based purely on our numbers Disney+ has way south of 10% in terms of upcoming Original content.

Disney+ has reportedly 53 announced new movies and TV series in development exclusively for the platform over the next few years. Naturally, any National Geographic, Disney Channel content could be technically included in this total but don’t technically count as a full original title.

Netflix, on the other hand, has at least 500 upcoming movies, TV series and specials which doesn’t include any of its currently released TV series getting updates such as Ozark, Black Mirror or Stranger Things for example.

Quality over quantity?

There’s certainly an argument to be made that Disney+ is made up of a more solid lineup. This is something we’ll look at the total in the near future as to which library has the best IMDb score on average but for now, it’s ultimately a completely subjective opinion.

Whether it’s even possible to compare the two libraries beyond just pure numbers is difficult. Disney+ is clearly designed for children and families whereas Netflix is taking a more broad approach at trying to appeal to everyone.

That’s Disney+ vs Netflix in a pure library total sense but what do you think? Does Disney+ have the quality over Netflix or are you after a more broad and diversified library lineup? Let us know in the comments.

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