Drake and Josh Won’t Be Coming to Netflix

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A viral tweet that said that Netflix could potentially get Drake and Josh streaming the United States has not only been debunked but also led to the confirmation that Drake and Josh or indeed any other major Nickelodeon show will be coming to Netflix soon. 

“Drake and Josh” comes from Nickelodeon at arguably the height of Nick’s popularity. It’s a live action children’s sitcom where we follow two stepbrothers trying to get along when their parents move in. 56 episodes plus several specials were filmed in total from 2004 up until 2007. The series has remained exclusive to Hulu up until now and will continue to after today’s revelation.

The viral tweet in question started making the rounds after it was tweeted on September 21st. The tweet says simply “Yo twitter let’s make it happen” with an image of a direct message chat with Netflix asking how many retweets it would take to get Drake and Josh streaming. This sort of tweet circulates constantly but usually gets drowned out but this one, in particular, went viral.

Netflix usually doesn’t comment on rampant speculation or things like this but did so with this tweet responding in two ways. The first was to debunk the direct message chat by saying “Love the passion but that DM is photoshopped. Sorry!”. It then follows up with a retweet actually suggesting Drake & Josh fans check out Hulu. Hulu extends a hug to Netflix in response.

One thing this does confirm is that Netflix continues (nor does Viacom) in renewing their contract arrangement from several years ago. It has meant all Nickelodeon content (with some exceptions) has stayed away from Netflix in favor of other platforms such as Hulu. Nickelodeon is owned by Viacom who made a point of taking away all their content from Netflix. Instead, Netflix has had to rely on children’s content from other providers including making big strides to make its own content.

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